Day 405–21? by 2/19

Ladies and Gentlemen…drum roll please…

One of my New Years’ goals was to be 215lbs by my 27th birthday, which coincidentally is today.  The final results of #215by219 are in, and I’m pleased to say, after hard work and careful eating…

I failed.

I mean, failed is kind of a tough way of looking at it I suppose.  My weigh-in this morning was 216.4. I lost a pound this week.  I also ate my weight in venison, pork belly, and chocolate at dinner last night, so I would be remiss if I hadn’t seen this coming.  Our celebration dinner was at Abacus, one of our favorite places to eat in Dallas.  While there were elements to the meal that were certainly subpar, its hard to beat the company and the memories of 27 good years.  I think it would have been enjoyable even with McDonalds…although Abacus was definitely better than McDonalds. Here’s some photo documentation of the evening.

Today was a fantastic birthday, even with the “failure.”  I’ve lost over thirty pounds in the last 405 days, I feel great, I look great (for me at least), I’m with my family (miss you Jenna…try to survive the weekend), and I got an FC Dallas jersey for my birthday. Not a bad way to celebrate, and even if I fell short, I look at old pictures of myself and know I NEVER want to be that way again.  It just wasn’t worth it. I’ll look back at 25 and 26 as years I lost to bad health, and 27 as the starting point of something great.

Brunch–We decided to go to Bonnie Ruth’s for brunch.  Some of you (and many of my coworkers) may be saying “Why would you go to work on your birthday?!”  Because the food is awesome, that’s why.  French toast, an omelette, breakfast potatoes, sausage, cake (yep. Cake.), and getting to see my friends equals one excellent b-day morning.

Dinner–Since I ate my body weight in brunchy goodness this morning, “dinner” happened at 4:30.  And of course we had Five Guys.  Little Bacon Burger with lettuce, onions, mustard, ketchup, pickles, and jalapenos. Fan. Tas. Tic.

“Birthday Dessert”–This is in quotations because its not really my birthday dessert.  That’ll happen in a couple of days…my mom is very sick and on antibiotics, so she’s out of commission in the kitchen.  However, I got bored and the itch to bake, so I made blueberry-chocolate pots de creme out of stuff in the fridge.  We’ll see how it turns out…and have candles on Tuesday or so.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, the well wishes on my weight loss, and for tracking me on #215by219.  I may not have quite hit the goal, but if you could have seen me in my suit yesterday, well…you’d know it doesn’t matter one bit. Peace.


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