So…I’m going to be a Dad…

I was talking to my students the other day about certain life stages, and how they are marked (today at least) by social media. In high school its always who you’re dating, what sports you play, your friends, your family, vacations…typical high school stuff.  College it becomes the club(s) you’re in, roommates, significant others, mission trips (ACU SBC!), sporting events, engagements…which quickly become dozens of pictures of weddings and new houses and pets.

At some point, the subjects of the pictures change.  It’s no longer selfies, but baby pictures or look at my cute obese cat pictures or we painted a wall thanks Pinterest pictures.  It’s certainly possible this is the true marker of “adulthood.”  I’m not sure if its when we can drive or vote or smoke or drink or rent a car without ridiculous fees, but I definitely know that few things drive home the idea of responsibility or maturity more than “Hey hotshot…you get to take care of a helpless tiny human for the rest of your life.”  (Although lets be honest…my kid isn’t going to be tiny, and “taking care of” can be replaced by “prevent from doing something stupid.)

I’m often amazed that the human race has made it as long as we have. Someone decided to drink milk, to let that milk go bad and then eat it, to figure out that rhubarb stalks are delicious and rhubarb leaves will kill you…the amount of trial and error/sheer luck involved is overwhelming.  It’s also incredibly assuring: We’ve made it this far. People much, um, less Darwinianly inclined than I am have survived (looking at you Kimye).  We can definitely do this.

In September, things will change for the better.  There is no doubt about that.  I will be in love in a way I can’t even fathom, I will understand God and the gospel on a deeper level than ever before, and I will embark on an incredible adventure next to the greatest traveling companion I could ask for.  I’ll learn a lot, I’ll screw up a lot, and we’ll stumble through it all smiling and crying and not sleeping.

And I’m going to try really hard not to post a ton of pictures. No promises though…the kid’s going to be really cute.

Have a good one.