Day 566–Home Sweet Train Wreck

Hello blogosphere…miss me?

We’re finally settled in down here in Katy, although there are still so many cardboard boxes to go through that it makes me weep when I look at them. Hence, I’m on the computer.

My apologies once again for not blogging regularly, but in my defense, I didn’t have internet until about 4 hours ago.  Between moving, driving, eating crappy fast food and junk on the road, losing several gallons of fluid through sweat, being able to somehow resist the Sonic that’s much closer than I’m comfortable with, and climbing the stairs to our apartment a few dozen times, its all evened out into a nice solid weight of 218.2, according to our janky bathroom scale we pulled back out of storage.  Since that’s all I’ve got now, that’s going to be the standard.  It’s obviously a little higher than I’d like it to be–if you’ll recall I was at 210 right before Disney/the world caved in for three months–but its doable.  I’ve got my knives, my skillets, and my kitchen (feels so good to say that) so the only thing stopping me from being healthy is me. Good thing I fight like a girl.

I’m really excited about getting to go back to Sugar Grove tomorrow as a full member again instead of the fleeting visits over the past year. It’s incredible how important community is, even to a card-carrying introvert like me.

Also, I’ve been told the Olympics are on. Anyone confirm this?

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats, but with a twist–fruit in the middle.  They’re really good and REALLY filling.  I had to struggle to finish a serving today, which was a strange feeling.

Lunch–Wendy’s, on our way to pick up a new tv (lost ours to lightning, no lie) before the AT&T people got there to give us the gift of the interwebs.  Spicy Chicken Sandwich, lettuce only, half a large fry, and half a Dr Pepper. Man I love Dr Pepper.

Dinner–Whole wheat penne with sauteed onions and peppers and chicken and apple sausage.  An old standby, and delicious to boot.

More unpacking and organizing tomorrow…woohoo.  Good to be back H-town.

Have a good one.


Day 558–Dogma

First and foremost, as a movie lover, a Colorado lover, and a Christian, my heart pours out for Aurora tonight.  That’s a lot of tragedy for one area.

Second, can we go ahead and say there’s something slightly cursed about these movies? I mean, even if they were remotely considering a fourth one, why would they now? Woof.

Third, and keeping with the movie trend, let me explain my title.  Dogma is a movie by Kevin Smith that deals in various forms of hilarity and religious…symbolism…among other things. But my favorite part is by far the opening, in which Kevin Smith attempts to defuse some of the hate that was most certainly coming his way by simply telling the viewer that he believes God has a sense of humor.  His proof of this? The duck-billed platypus. Genius.

I also firmly believe God has a sense of humor, mostly because parts of the Bible are pretty entertaining, but also because the Dude (capitalized for respect) has a wicked grasp of irony.  That’s right…

We’re going back to Houston. Willingly. Happily. And quickly.

Part of the reason I haven’t blogged in three weeks is that this all came together pretty fast and I didn’t want to mislead or misreport information.  We’ve procured an apartment, Dr. Wife started her job today, and within the week we’ll be back in the humidity and traffic.  The funniest part of it all is that this was our choice…it felt like the best job, the best community, and the best place to start finally being adults. Well, she can be an adult. I’m holding out for a little bit longer. So get pumped  Houston…we’re bringing the thunder.

(In a related note, I now will have been in Denver for the flash of Tebowmania and in Houston for the start of Linsanity South. Not many people that can claim that distinction.)

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats.  I felt like I needed some fiber to clean out the system…I succeeded.  Finished off a box of sweetened hay…very poetic.

Lunch–Got to have lunch with Kyle Stallard and Lauren Waggoner today, which was stinkin’ awesome.  We went to Cafe Brazil, which I have to admit I have unfairly judged in the past. It was delicious!  I had a three egg omelette with ham, homemade chorizo (not worth the expense…), bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, and some sweet potato fries on the side. I approve that restaurant.  I also approve that Kyle has apparently moved back to Houston as well, so we can go less than six months without hanging out now. Win/win.

Dinner–On the Dallas Farewell Dining Tour Version 3.4 or whatever we’re on now, we had to cross Snuffer’s off the list. So we did…spicy chicken strips and fries. Awesomeness, although not perfect.  There’s this disgusting phenomenon that occurs in Plano/Allen around July or August of every year where the water supply seems to mold on itself, causing everything made with unfiltered tap water to taste like dirt. So my Dr Pepper, made with carbonated tap water, tasted an awful lot like if you attempted to drink Dr Pepper from a homemade mud cup.  That was nasty…won’t miss that.

Tomorrow is my second to last day of work (woo!) and then Sunday Abby comes home (woo!) and we have a going away soiree (double woo!) before the packing begins. Again. Boo.

Have a good one.