Day 141–Hammer of Thor

I. Love. Summer.  To recap the last 48 hours (and explain why I missed yesterday’s post): church, lunch with the St. Germains, nap, Senior Teas, Civilizations until 1 am (and I lost because I was dumb…sad day), sleeping in, breakfast, grocery shopping, lunch, Thor, dinner, Rangers win, sleep.  Boom.  I’m looking forward to two months of this…or like a week until I act mature and get a job.

Thor was really good.  Not the best, and it could have been more, but I was thoroughly entertained. Chris Hemsworth was good, Tom Hiddleston was excellent, and Natalie Portman mailed it in as eye candy, which was funny because Jaimie Alexander is way more attractive.  Whoops.  It does make me excited for The Avengers, although ***SPOILER ALERT*** it’ll be interesting to see how they get him back on Earth.  I have faith in Whedon to pull it off.

Breakfast–Veggie scramble.  It would have been an omelette, but I packed it with so many veggies the eggs couldn’t hold it together.  So three eggs, zucchini, anaheim pepper, and red onion.  Boom. Delicious.

Lunch–China Stix!!  My favorite chinese food potentially ever.  I had a chicken and vegetable teriyaki rice bowl, Abby had chicken fried rice, and we split pork dumplings.  The problem is that Abby hates China Stix…she orders the same thing every time, hates it every time, and wonders why nothing changes.  So today she ordered something new…and still didn’t like it.  Whoops.  At least I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow…

Thor–Sour Patch Fruits.  The best candy ever, bar none.  Sour Patch Kids are great, but the fruit flavors are over the top.  Good candy, good movie.

Dinner–Italian sausage from HEB sauteed with garlic, yellow onion, and kale, tossed with whole wheat spaghetti.  Pasta is becoming one of my favorite meals again because its so versatile, and with the whole wheat variety it (in moderation) in pretty good for you.

Tomorrow should be cleaning, working out, maybe getting my hair did…who knows.  Summer is upon us, and I’m thrilled.


Day 139–Civilizations

Today was a fantastic way to start out the summer.  We began the day at a graduation brunch for Laura Watson, which was a blast.  Great food, great company…perfect.  After that, Jason Toy, Evan St. Germain and I played Civilizations while watching the Champions League final. It was, by far, the most complicated game I’ve ever played, and a LOT of fun.  I mean, it helped that I won, but at the same time it was fun hanging out with the guys and learning something new.  And now I have a title to defend, so of course there will be some rematches.  Bring it on!  The CL wasn’t as successful…Barca is a much better team and deserved the win, but it was hard to see my boys get stomped like that.  At least the Rangers and Rockies made up for it a bit with some tail-kicking tonight!

Breakfast–Toastwich with Justin’s chocolate peanut butter and marshmallow creme.  It’s summer…I get to celebrate a bit.

Brunch–Or a lot.  The brunch was amazing, with SO MUCH FOOD.  I think I had some bacon, donuts, fruit…I don’t even remember, which isn’t a good sign.  I mean, it’s good that I was engrossed in the conversation, but when you can’t remember what you ate and just shoveled, well…that’s why I’m fat.

Dinner–Whole wheat spaghetti with sauteed leeks, red onion, and zucchini with a splash of balsamic vinegar.  It was good, and was supposed to be the fuel for an evening workout, but I never made it that far.  Hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow either before or after Senior Tea.

Summer Break. Boom.

Day 138–Graduation

I’m officially done at WCS, as are 74 of my closest friends.  The Class of 2011 went out with quite the bang in a great ceremony, highlighted by an amazing valedictory address and a jubilant tossing of headwear.  I’ll truly miss you guys…you were a great class and I’m honored to have had the chance to teach many of you.  I also look forward to being that guy who points at the TV in 20 years and says “I taught that kid! He/She just cured cancer, and I taught them about the Bible. Woo!”  Because honestly, we all know I am that guy.

Breakfast–Mango Chobani with honey.  Kept it simple today since we were having our faculty luncheon.  Mistake.

Lunch–Deep fried chicken stuffed with goat cheese and spinach, or in other terms, “guess what I didn’t eat today.”  So I had salad, rolls, and the mocha/chocolate/cheesecake/mousse dessert thing that was served.  It was delicious, but what the heck was it?

Dinner–Baked chicken breast with pineapple couscous and a watermelon-jalapeno salsa.  The salsa was AMAZING.  The couscous was great.  The chicken was…there.  Good, but just kinda there.  Eating protein is the hardest part of losing weight, especially when my wife doesn’t like fish.  Gotta work on that this summer.

Dessert–Blended up some watermelon and the juice of one lime into a watermelon-lime juice drink.  It was a tad chunky, but tasted fantastic.  That may be my new favorite flavor combo–watermelon and lime.  Oh yeah.

Short post today…I’m exhausted.  Tomorrow we have the Farmers’ Market, Laura’s graduation brunch, Civilizations, and the UEFA Champions League final.  GO MAN U!!

Day 137–Culinary Adventures

So…school is done. Gave the last final this morning and was home by 11 o’clock, which is fantastic. Tomorrow I finalize grades, clean the room up, go to a luncheon, then graduation…and then sometime next week I should be completely checked out and ready to go.  Kinda weird to think I only have a couple of days left at WCS, but at the same time I’m very ready for the next chapter in my life, whatever that my be.

Today was a celebration of sorts, and for us that usually means eating out and trying new things.  We very rarely go to movies, concerts, sporting events, etc., so our entertainment budget is all wrapped up in food.  On a possibly related note, I’m overweight.  For lunch we went to Freebirds, Abby’s favorite burrito (long live Chipotle!) and then for dinner we tried a Korean Barbecue place called Kobecue.  It wasn’t bad…but it wasn’t spectacular either.  It’s only been open a month, so I know there’s room for improvement and growth.  I kinda want to go back and just talk to them about Korean barbecue, what that means/looks like/base ingredients and try to develop a feel for the flavors and background.  In fact, that may be my first “post-grad” project next week.  We’ll see…

Breakfast–Oat Revolution FTW!  Seriously, great oatmeal. Try it. I’ll wait.

Lunch–I lied, I’m not waiting. Just eat it tomorrow morning, then report back.  I had a steak Freebird on a chipotle tortilla with black beans, fried garlic, grilled veggies, cilantro rice, a splash of hot salsa, corn salsa, and a side of roasted salsa and chips.  It was really good, but not Chipotle good (although the meat was excellent…Freebird’s steak is incredible) so I’m not a convert. Yet.

Exercise–I beasted it today.  I went to the gym and the basketball court was empty, so I just shot around for a while.  Turns out shooting hoops is a lot like riding a bike, only for the first thirty minutes you keep falling off the bike and running into stationary vehicles.  I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn for half an hour, and then all of a sudden my mechanics snapped back into place and I couldn’t miss.  One of my last shots popped the net so hard it twisted itself into a knot, only I’m so fat and grounded now I couldn’t jump up to grab the rim and fix it.  After shooting, I ran a mile to work out some soreness and then did weights, culminating in some body weight + 70lb squats with free weights that I know I’ll be feeling tomorrow morning.  Totally worth it though…and I do love me some basketball.

Dinner–The aforementioned Kobecue.  We split fried dumplings that tasted like they were frozen and dumped in a deep fryer, and I had sweet and spicy wings while Abby had the beef.  The beef was good…and that was about it.  The carrots were mushy, the broccoli was in massive hunks almost too big to eat, the wings were so crunchy you couldn’t taste chicken…it wasn’t good.  Again, room for growth.

Dessert–We went to Yogurtland, courtesy of my sister Jenna and her gift card Christmas present to Abby, and we met Emily Holloman and her mother there.  I went with the pineapple guava and mango with lots of fruit toppings, and it was delicious!  The pineapple guava is my new favorite flavor…I hope they keep it.  Anyways, great yogurt, excellent company, lots of laughing…a good way to celebrate a fantastic day.

Now lets roll it back and do it again tomorrow!

Day 136–VBS

Last night we had VBS practice before the Mavs game (MFFL) to get ready for this years performance.  Last year I was “Man 2” and this year I’ve been upgraded to “Man 1.”  Clearly they know talent when they see it.  Some of our songs are amazing, and some of them I’ve never heard of before, so I get to not only tell people about the Gospel but I also get some culture out of it.  Double bonus.

Speaking of the Mavs, how ’bout Dirk?  It takes great cajones to take that second three, not to mention drain it.  I still fear Miami or Chicago, but its been a fun ride to this point.

Breakfast–I love Oat Revolution.  It’s good, filling, and only 130 calories.  That last fact will be incredibly important in a couple of lines.

Lunch–After finals yesterday, Gilbert, Burton, Tinkler and I all went to Chick Fila, where I admittedly went a bit overboard.  I had a Spicy Chicken sandwich, fries, and a cookies and cream milkshake that was incredible.  I’m pretty sure the calories I saved at breakfast went right out the window with lunch.  C’est la vie.

Snack–Pop Tarts.  It was my last pack, and I’m weak.

Dinner–Sauteed onions, yellow squash, craisins, fresno chiles, garlic, and kale mixed with brown rice, seasoned with red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.  Unfortunately, this fresno (unlike the two I used the previous days…) was incredibly hot. Abby could barely eat it, and even I thought it was spicy.  No bueno.  It was very good though!

Dessert–Gummi bears while watching the Mavs with JToy.  Painful for him, but OKC has a really good team going forward…I feel good about their future.  However, as Rick Carlisle said…our time is now.  Bring on the Finals!

Day 135–ReDirkulous

Today was a little bit of a slow start due to last night’s fantastic Mavericks game.  And by game, I mean last five minutes plus overtime.  After giving up a fifteen point lead, just to make things interesting apparently, Dallas stormed back behind the stellar play of Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, and Jason Kidd.  I admittedly went to bed when we got so far behind, but then something made me check the score right before I fell asleep, and next thing I know I’m sitting in the living room watching an incredible comeback.  Good work boys…now lets close it out.

Breakfast–Cherry Pop tart and peach Fage with honey.  A solid way to start the day…as is not having to be at school until 8 instead of 7:15.

Snack–Peanut M&Ms.  I don’t know who left a big box of candy and chips in the break room, but shame on you.  You should know I don’t have willpower. Pssh.

Lunch–Had lunch with Abby today since she has half-days on Tuesday, so we hit up The Egg and I, a wonderful breakfast place frequented by my parents in Plano and now we have one in Meyerland.  We split an Apple Cinnamon Granola pancake (delicious) and a Mexican scramble (chorizo, black beans, onions, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and salsa) that wasn’t as good, but still passable.

Dinner–Homemade lettuce wraps!  I took the recipe from the new issue of Bon Appetit (incredible issue…get it. Now.) and tweaked it a bit for our tastes.  I marinated chicken and red onion in soy sauce and lime juice, then wok-fried garlic, fresno chile, diced zucchini, and added the minced chicken and onion until done, then mixed in some sweet chile sauce.  They were amazing…definitely will be doing that again.  The most incredible thing is that it was only one chicken breast, a quarter of a red onion, and one zucchini, and yet Abby and I were both stuffed.  Perception is everything…you give me a whole chicken breast and I’ll eat it all.  Give me five lettuce wraps that have a little over half a chicken breast in it, and I feel full.  Boom.

Dessert–Don’t need it.  I’m excited about getting smaller!  Two days of school left!

Day 134–Finals Edition

So, finals started today.  I was on the schedule to proctor a final this morning, and then my final was the second in the queue.  Turns out, they “didn’t need me” this morning, so my day literally consisted of playing Words with Friends and cleaning trash out of my room.  It was cuh-razy.  I also don’t have a final to proctor tomorrow either, so I should get lots of grading done.  Gonna be a fun couple of days.

For my weekly trip to the grocery store, the emphasis was on the color green.  Lots of zucchini, lots of salad, lots of kale, leeks, and then some jalapenos, citrus…it was a great haul, which led to two wonderful meals today.  I figured from all the baking (cheesecake, sweet rolls, etc) it was a good opportunity to get back on track.

Breakfast–A single cherry Pop Tart and mango Chobani with honey.  Great way to start the day, especially with the lighter fare I ate the rest of the time.

Lunch–I sauteed some diced potato and onion with a fresno chile, garlic, some craisins (idea courtesy of Jordan Swim) and then topped it all with kale, wilted it down with red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and a splash of honey.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Wonderful meal, would make a great side dish…it’s definitely going to make a repeat appearance on my menu.

Dinner–Summer squash salad.  I took some shaved squash (green and yellow) and red onion and marinated them in lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic, then mixed them together and placed on top of salad greens with some sunflower seeds and slivered almonds.  Season with salt and pepper, and enjoy.

Dessert–The second of my cherry Pop Tarts from earlier.  Still a stupid purchase, but I’m learning to control them better.