>Day 49–Seven Weeks, _____ Pounds.

>Well I wasn’t going to make it easy for you to find out was I?  Got to build up the suspense, something I learned from my incredibly apathetic and potentially stoned Oscar host, James Franco. I mean seriously…he looked so bored it was hard to watch, but watch I did.  I also predicted 16 of the 24 awards correctly, which isn’t bad considering I actually knew three of the other winners and marked the wrong bubbles. Oh well.

Got a great compliment at church today after I taught the combined youth class.  Most of our kids and adults were at SoulLink this weekend, which was an amazing weekend where God definitely made Himself known.  Me, Abby, and the 10 kids who didn’t/couldn’t go enjoyed a bizarre lesson from Numbers, a very underused book of the Bible.  While leaving, one of the women at church that helps with the youth stopped me to say A) that she enjoyed my communion thoughts from last week (Bonus!) and B) that she noticed that I had lost a lot of weight. Huzzah!

As of this morning’s weigh-in, I’ve lost over fifteen pounds (15.4 to be exact) in seven weeks, which is pretty amazing.  I lost this much weight in about four months the last time I attempted this, so the speed in which its melted off has been humbling and motivating all at the same time.

That being said, I ate relatively badly today, so the fifteen might be back on!

Breakfast–Whole wheat toast, one slice, half peach preserves and half peanut butter.  It was good, filling, and most importantly small because…

Lunch–We tried a new barbecue place.  It’s funny, because the two food types that REALLY suck in Houston are Mexican and barbecue–two you’d think would excel here in South Texas. And you’d be wrong.  We’ve had some of the worst barbecue and some of the worst overall mexican food I’ve ever endured.  Needless to say, we weren’t expecting great things at our stop this afternoon (that I think was actually called Brisket BBQ) but it wasn’t terrible.  I had sausage, ribs, fries, and green beans and then Abby had brisket, turkey, corn and potato salad.  The meats weren’t bad, the sides were, and the sauce was unremarkable.  It was also expensive.  However, you can get a massive chopped turkey sandwich (and the turkey was great) for like five bucks, so we’ll be going back now that we know what to order to watch calories and our pocketbooks.

Exercise–I ran/walked for twenty minutes and lifted weights.  I couldn’t get my heart rate down…and yes, I know that sounds counterintuitive.  Exercising is like cooking–if you want fat to melt away, you need slow, constant heat.  My HR got up when I started running and due to a clogged airway (Allergies! Yay!) I couldn’t breathe regularly enough to get it down.  It was a decent workout, but I think I helped cardio more than fat burn, and that isn’t the goal right now.

Dinner–Subway!  I had the footlong turkey with bacon, lettuce, jalapenos, cucumber, green pepper, black pepper, and then instead of chips I had two cookies.  I wanted the cookies!

Dessert–Half a cup of jellybeans.  We had an Oscar watching party and it didn’t go as planned…at all.  Couldn’t get the TV to work, couldn’t find a live feed on the internet…debacle.  Luckily we went to the Toys’ apartment and watched it there, but I mindlessly ate jellybeans the whole time.  Thankfully, I measured out some beforehand so I couldn’t go overboard!

Tomorrow starts a four-day week, so I can gear up for the extra rest coming my way!


>Day 48–Sleeping in messes with my schedule…

>So I slept in until 10 am. 10! It was well-needed and much enjoyed.  Abby had a Practice Management meeting this morning at some gawd-awful early hour and I regained consciousness long enough to tell her bye, and that was all she wrote.  I can’t remember the last time I slept in that late.

However, there was a big problem with sleeping in and eating breakfast that late.  Breakfast at 10, lunch at around 3, and then dinner at 7 was a big shock to the system…I feel like I ate lead today, even if it was mostly healthy.

Sleeping in also means I didn’t make it to the Farmers’ Market, but I did run by Central Market, which was almost as good.  More strawberries, some plums, blood oranges, and then some incredible dried fruit and granola bars–wonderful shopping experience.

Breakfast–A three-egg omelette with the leftover black beans and potatoes from our taco salad the other night.  It was VERY dense, and very, very good.

Lunch–I made some vegetable latkes I found in my Whole Foods Cookbook that my sister, Jenna, got me for my birthday.  They had potatoes, carrots, and zucchini and then I added some cayenne because I love me some spice.  They definitely should have been a bit drier–there was a step left out or an ambiguity in the recipe–but they were pretty good, especially for 150 calories per massive pancake.  I also had one of my plums to add some tartness and acid to the overall meal.

Dinner–Toastwich for dinner!  All natural peanut butter, peach preserves, and two slices of whole wheat toast.  It’s not a good sign when that’s the lightest thing I ate all day.

Dessert–Remember that Easter candy?  Marshmallow bunny for the win!  Abby ate one of the ears though…so it wasn’t the full caloric load.

Altogether not a horrid day.  I should have found time to work out, but I was too busy making a Twitter account.  Shows where my priorities lie eh?  Church tomorrow, Oscar party tomorrow night, and hopefully some exercise and vegetables in between!

Follow me @RevJakey34 if you feel so inclined!

>Day 47–Weekend FTW!

>Weekends are just amazing.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Spring Break and then summer were waiting for me juuuuuust around the corner, I might explode.  But I can do this! (And I realize how pathetic this all sounds. It’s been a long year.)

Breakfast–In a play on Nathan MacDonald’s wafflewich of goodness, I made myself a toastwich with some all-natural peanut butter and cherry jelly on whole wheat toast.  It was really really good!

Lunch–When the menu says “Fettuccine Alfredo Carbonara” you know things have gotten out of control for lunch.  When it says that AND its a school lunch, you know things are just plain wrong.  One student reported that it was cakey…which is not a good descriptive term for anything other than cake, and certainly not for a creamy pasta.  Because I don’t like cheese/cream/milk/butter/etc., lunch was out of the question to start with, but it’s nice to know I made the right call.  I went to the nearby WalMart and got a thing of deli meat (200 calories), some focaccia bread (it was TERRIBLE), and fruit (cantaloupe, strawberries, and blueberries) that I topped off with a Snickers.  Satisfying, healthy, and NOT fettuccine alfredo carbonara…win/win/win.

Dinner–Whole wheat rotini pasta with zucchini, broccoli, and mushrooms as well as some andouille chicken sausage.  I also had a piece of naan for some added fiber and goodness, and it was all delicious.  It also reminded me that I badly need to purchase some more garlic…thankfully the Farmers’ Market is tomorrow!

Dessert–The last of my birthday whoopie pies with a half a cup of raspberry sorbet.  Good way to end a good day.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some good organic ingredients and we can work out some to get my metabolism back on track.  The kale, broccoli, and zucchini in the fridge can’t hurt either!

>Day 46–Easter Candy!!

>My favorite holiday for candy is Easter.  Halloween is fun, Christmas is unique, and I’m a big fan of chocolate so Valentines is passable, but Easter candy is just sublime.  So you can imagine my childlike joy when I walked into Randall’s this afternoon to be greeted by giant pastel displays.  The only problem now?   ITS TWO MONTHS UNTIL EASTER.  My willpower will be tested…as evidenced by the marshmallow bunny and bag of jellybeans sitting next to me on the couch.

Breakfast–My final attempt at greek yogurt ended with exactly two bites.  After holding down the bile, I threw it out and got my trusted cherry Yoplait…and it was delicious.  Coupled with a half cup of cherry vanilla granola, it was a stellar breakfast.

Snack–Fiber One bar.  Seriously, I know I eat them a lot, but they are so good and an amazing source of fiber.  Eat them…eat them now.

Lunch–Chick fila chicken sandwich and barbecue chips, courtesy of the Campus Ministry Team.  Not my first choice, but substantially healthier than pizza or Popeye’s fried chicken, that’s for sure.

Snack–Snickers bar.  I’m becoming addicted to them…not good.

Dinner–Here’s where things get a bit interesting.  I haven’t eaten enough vegetables at all recently, so I kept thinking what I could do to increase the intake.  Salad is an obvious choice, but I’ve had some issues with feeling full, so a salad in itself wasn’t going to cut it.  Abby suggested taco salad the other night, but I didn’t want to spend the money on ground turkey and ground beef just isn’t that good for you.  So my solution was to make taco salad…but I used potatoes instead of meat.  I parboiled them, then smashed and “fried” them in a skillet along with some carrot chips and then followed the instructions on the taco seasoning.  Combined with some black beans that I cooked with cilantro it made for a very tasty and very filling meal…one I will certainly be repeating in the future (although without the Hot taco seasoning…that was a bit much. Sorry Abby).

Dessert–While watching Perfect Couples (if you aren’t watching it, you’re making a mistake with your life) I had a cup and a half of chocolate covered kettle corn–140 calories.  Booyah.

Here’s to Friday, and more importantly, the weekend!  I miss my Farmers’ Market, and can’t wait to go back!

>Day 45–Culinary Exhaustion

>I woke up this morning and I haven’t been this sore in FOREVER.  I’m not sure if it was the impromptu basketball session yesterday morning or working out for the first time in a good long while or my apparently terrible night of sleep, but I felt like death.  It’s really hard to get moving in the mornings when you’re sore, and its even harder to feel good about what you’re eating when you don’t feel good to start with.

I guess that’s a complicated way of saying this isn’t a great food day, but it wasn’t terrible either.  It was blah, which is about how I feel.

Breakfast–Cinnamon swirl oatmeal with dried cherries.  That’s right, I was too lazy to cut up strawberries.

Snack–Candy.  Not the wisest choice (or even in the top 100) but it was really good and the sugar helped give me some energy to get through my freshmen classes.  They’re some of my favorite lessons, but today’s subject was especially brutal.  Someone should have informed the biblical authors that parts of the OT are painful and boring when it comes to teaching.

Lunch–Chicken, broccoli, steamed cauliflower, snow peas, and “vegetable fried rice.”  I don’t even know what that means…but it didn’t suck.  Bonus!  I ended it with a Snickers, which was delicious.

Dinner–Pei Wei, but not my usual.  I had a bowl of the Thai Wonton Soup as well as Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  It was all amazing…hit the spot, and no dessert necessary!

Today felt like Thursday, but it was Wednesday, and tomorrow IS Thursday but at school it’ll behave like a Friday.  Yay for screwed up calendars and Campus Ministry meetings…

>Day 44–What’s in a Name?

>Two random non-food related thoughts for today:

1)  Watch Raising Hope.  If you aren’t, your Tuesdays aren’t complete.  Trust me on this…especially if you have a psychotic relative of any age.

2) Until we are content with ourselves and happy with what we are, we will never be happy with anyone else, including God.  For some reason we take our insecurities and flaws, project them on others, then get mad when God doesn’t make everyone in the world “normal.”  As Rob Bell says in his Nooma video “Name,” what exactly is normal?! We define normal for ourselves…everyone else gets their own standards.  I need to be happier with Jason and therefore happier with what God has richly blessed me with.

On to the food!

Breakfast–Cherry Vanilla granola with sliced strawberries (starting to go bad…) and cherry yogurt.  It was incredibly filling, but that didn’t stop me from partaking of…

Snack–About a cup of the dark chocolate drizzled kettle corn.  Seriously, its addicting.

Lunch–Two peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwiches on whole wheat sandwich thins, which are only 100 calories each instead of 100 for a single slice of bread.  I also had some jalapeno chips (I wanted chips okay) and then water to wash it all down. I drank a LOT of water today…almost twice as much as I usually do.  I’m not sure why either, but it felt good to be so hydrated.

Snack–Snickers bar.  At 280 calories its a bit much, but the peanuts help fill me up.

Exercise–I ran for 15 minutes and then tried to lift weights, but the stupid machines were broken.  Yay for Remington Park…

Dinner–Breakfast sandwiches.  Three scrambled eggs, about a slice of bacon, and then three more of the sandwich thins.  They were delicious and filling.  I also attempted greek yogurt again, this time Chobani, and it was…eh.  I’ve got a couple more because they were on sale and I’ll probably eat them with granola, but I’m still not a fan.  Too much…twang. I still like my Yoplait.

Dessert–Whole wheat toast with Nutella and strawberries.  Just as good as it sounds!

My weight is still dropping, although I can’t tell if its dehydration from my cold medication or actual weight loss.  Exercising again will help, but as of this morning I’m down almost 15 pounds in less than two months and I’ve exercised like 10 times total.  If I can ramp that up, who knows what I can do!

>Day 43–BT!

>Another Monday, another week of school, another horrendous week of lunch. Yay for that…

Breakfast–Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal with sliced strawberries.  The strawberries did something to the consistency of the oatmeal…waaaaay too runny for my tastes.  Gotta work on that in the morning.

Lunch–A Fiber One bar and an ounce of dark chocolate with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  May sound like a weird lunch, and honestly it is, but I needed some sugar to get me through the day as well as some fiber to try to reset my system.  Mission accomplished on both fronts.

Dinner–Whole wheat angel hair pasta with mushrooms, edamame, and some chopped up bacon.  It not only helped clean out the fridge, it was incredibly delicious.  I’m not entirely sure how healthy it was, but I’m also pretty sure I don’t care.

Dessert–A mango.  I LOVE fresh mango, and this one was super ripe and definitely hit the spot.  It makes me wish I had bought more than two.

Tomorrow we begin the peanut butter and jelly crusades at school as I start making my own lunch to counteract the weirdness of our menu.  Wish me luck and smaller weigh-ins!