Day 36–Trivia Night

Guys’ Night has become a monthly tradition for my friend group, and each month we try to do something a little different. This month we had the brilliant idea to do a trivia night, which feeds right into my status as a gigantic nerd. Apparently, its really hard to play trivia at a location thats closed for remodeling. But God clearly had a plan, because by the time we all went home from our backup plan, my face hurt from laughing so hard. And there was definitely some trivia involved, ranging from pigeons and doves to Curtis Martin to tube socks. Good times had by all, except for my waistline.

If I have a weakness, its that there are certain foods that I can’t pass up. Good pizza, certain chocolate desserts, Fat Bao, and wings. So when the plan changed last night and we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings, even after I had already eaten something for dinner, I knew I was in trouble. But man was it delicious.

Breakfast–I had one of those Go Picnic boxes. Seriously people, these are great for desk food items. Low calorie, well thought out with grains and proteins and healthy fats, and they stick with you.

Lunch–Freebirds with Abby and Dex. I had a chicken burrito bowl: cilantro-lime rice, black beans, guacamole, chicken, corn salsa, habanero salsa, lettuce, and cilantro. Good food, better company.

Dinner #1–PB&J. I tried to be good.

Dinner #2–Wings! All the wings!

So, good night…bad food choices. So much for moving forward eh? The good news: today is another chance to try again. Its a marathon, not a sprint, regardless of how quickly I dropped those first few pounds. And bad days happen…I just can’t let it get me down.

Have a good one.


Day 35–Moving Day

Today we had the bittersweet task of moving our belongings out of the Katy campus. It’s tough to know how many families we let down and to think of all the “what ifs” that naturally pop up, but at the same time, we know that the future of Logos Prep is bright because we’re making the difficult decisions and protecting the vision of the school. There was a palpable sense of excitement, camaraderie, and momentum. As it was put today (although all of us have different break points): today is the end of 2015-16. Now we move forward.

On the food front, I ate too much. We worked pretty hard moving stuff around (mostly, the kids worked hard. But I picked stuff up too!) and then in the chaos of reorganizing, we all kind of forgot about lunch until we were starving. That led to some snacking on my part–always a bad thing–and then pizza. Which is always a good thing, but not when trying to lose weight. The good news is that, as of this morning, I was at 252.2 lbs, which means the goal I set to lose 15 pounds by the time Riley arrives is obviously going well. That’s 12.8 down, with a few months to go. I’ll change the goal once I actually reach it, but the progress is addictive…I want to keep doing well!

Breakfast–Three cinnamon toast Eggos before moving. Needed fuel and whatnot. I also needed to get Declan to school, which never ever goes well…he’s used to momma dropping him off, not me. Throws him every time, and every time he cries. Hopefully he gets used to it soon!

Snack–I had some granola bites and a handful of M&Ms.

Lunch–Double Daves Pepperoni rolls. So so good. So so not needed.

Dinner–Omelette with three eggs, some chorizo, and some onion. 

Post dinner–An apple and Nutella while watching the first quarter of the basketball game.

So I went over on calories today, even with the workout-ish this morning. I’ll make it up tomorrow by being smarter. Some days you just gotta move forward, ya know?

Have a good one.

Day 32–Graduation

The senior class of 2016 has officially left the building. Today was one of the better graduation ceremonies I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to a LOT of graduations…shudder), from the commencement speech–shout out to Gary Chevalier for bringing the thunder–to the videos to the sense of excitement from the kids. This is my first graduation up close and personal, and getting a brief moment with each student before they crossed the stage was special. Thanks to the seniors for helping us through a trying year, and best of luck in the future!

I’m still fighting off whatever this cold/sinus infection/blah is, so I slept a lot today. I also didn’t eat much, because my stomach doesn’t feel right from too much drainage. But had good times with Kappy and Declan had a great day, so it’s still a win in my book.

Breakfast–Blueberry Nutella toast. Exactly what it sounds like…two pieces of toast with Nutella and blueberries. Wonderful.

Lunch–Hahahahaha didn’t happen.

Dinner–Pei Wei. I had the pad Thai chicken, which was good, but WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. So I didn’t eat it all. The seeker of social justice in me always feels terrible when that happens, but the suit I wore today actually fit me, so there’s a bit of an internal struggle there.

Volunteer Blast tomorrow, assuming I can breathe/function. 

Have a good one.

Day 31–Inconsistencies

I could say there are reasons I haven’t posted, but honestly I just forgot most of the time. I’ve been sick, I hung out with Kyle, I finished up the semester…lots going on. Still should have found ten minutes to write out my day. Oh well.

Since its 9 am and there isn’t really a day to report on yet, here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve eaten recently:

–Lots of Cane’s. They gave us all free Box Combo cards at school, so it’s been the group lunch of choice.

–A Dr Pepper and some Reese’s, courtesy of Keller Cox. It’s amazing how when you cut things out, the foods that are really “worth it” (the ones you actually want to eat) taste so much better. The weekly Dr Pepper has become even better, and because of that it’s easier to make it through the whole week without a bunch of them. And as for my first Reese’s in a month…wow.

–Sandwiches and other assorted snackery. Part of getting my semi-annual sinus infection is that food tastes more blah. So it’s been pretty plain…PB&J, apples and Nutella, etc.

That’s about it. Graduation tomorrow, Kappy’s coming (yay!) to be with Dex, and then summer starts in full swing.

Have a good one. 

Day 28–Anniversary

My how things have changed. Seven years ago today, Abby and I were married. We had a lovely ceremony, surrounded by great friends and family, then headed to Colorado.

This go around, Declan has an ear infection so Abby ended up having to hold him as he slept all night. I took off work to take him to the doctor, he’s now on antibiotics, Abby worked all day and then did prenatal yoga, and we watched old episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun before going to bed at a reasonable hour.

And I wouldn’t trade any of it. If the first seven have been this amazing, I can’t wait to see what the next 70 holds! 

Breakfast–Chocolate Chunk scone from Whole Foods, because anniversary. It was…meh.

Lunch–An open-faced BLS sandwich. That would be bacon, lettuce, and some pineapple mango salsa, because tomatoes are ew. On a thick slab of country bread, it was really good…the acid from the salsa cut the bacon, the sweetness of the pineapple cut salty, the bread was nice and toasty. I’m a fan.

Dinner–Roasted pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes and broccoli. Last night we had full out anniversary dinner–filet, roasted potatoes, etc. Tonight was just supposed to be good, and it was. Penzey’s jerk seasoning pretty much goes on everything.

Dessert–Part of a Chocolove Cherry Dark Chocolate bar. One of the best chocolate bars I’ve ever had.

Last day of school tomorrow, complete with grading 28, 120-question finals and graduation rehearsal. Oh boy.

Have a good one!

Day 26–I’m Bad At This

Apparently getting back into the groove of eating better is easier than getting back into the groove of posting every day. I’ve been pretty good at the former and terrible at the latter. The good news is that today is finals, so I’ve had some time to knock stuff off the to-do list…so here we go.

We had a really good message yesterday at Crossbridge. The general idea was that talking about change is important…making that change is more important. Talking about being a Christian is fine, but if you don’t back it up with action, who cares? To that end, they had some files from Compassion International on hand, so that if we were pushed to action, we had the ability right then to act upon it.

Abby and I did not sponsor a child. We talked about it, and decided that our time/effort/funds should be used elsewhere. Not a knock on Compassion, just not something we felt God pushing us to do. The good news is that there are a bajillion other places to make a difference in this world, like Feed My Starving Children or Covenant House here in Houston, where we will be putting our money where our mouth is. As I’ve said before:

Do something. Anything. Make a difference.

Breakfast–Um…I think I had a Larabar? That was the good breakfast. The bad breakfast was five donut holes in youth group. The Larabar had 200 calories, the donut holes had 260. Guess which one was a better choice?

Lunch–Lupe! Shrimp fajitas. So so good.

Dinner–Rudy’s BBQ. I had a half turkey/half brisket baked potato. And then chocolate pudding because why not? Rudy’s sauce (or sause as they say) is magical.

Still made it under my calorie goal, but not by much. Yesterday was a bit of a splurge day all around. This week will be better, because that suit needs to fit on Saturday!

Have a good one.

Day 25–Happy Birthday Mom!

I didn’t post last night because I was helping Fraser pack up his house until like midnight and I didn’t have the brain power left to compose a coherent blog. Moving with kids is apparently quite different than moving without them. Shocker, I know. It was still good to hang out and listen to some awesome early 2000’s music…not a shabby way to spend a Friday.

School is essentially over now, with the exception of finals this week. Thus we begin shutting down this year and beginning preparations for the next one. This will be the first time I do it (relatively) on my own, so that should be interesting, to say the least. But we’ve got an incredible team and I know we’ll get it all done!

And as the title says–Happy Birthday to my mom. I love you!

Breakfast–In celebration of school ending, I popped a couple of bite-sized macaroons on the way out the door to REI. I needed to get some new shorts because the ones I bought like two weeks ago don’t fit. I’m down to 256.8 lbs, which means I’m almost down 10 pounds in three and a half weeks. Score.

Lunch–Mexican rice bowl. A small amount of chorizo, a lot of sautéed veggies, and some rice, topped with pineapple mango habanero salsa from Whole Foods. Really good stuff.

Snack–SPLURGE ALERT–Since it’s Saturday and I hadn’t really splurged yet this week, I had a red velvet Nothing Bundt Cake bundtlet. It. Was. Awesome.

Dinner–Breakfast casserole. A bit of chorizo, a bit of maple blueberry pan sausage, some sautéed onion, eggs and biscuits. We once again had a flood warning tonight, so we went with the comfort food option for the evening.

Church tomorrow, and then finals/grades/graduation next week. Then summer!

Have a good one.