Day 11–Waffle Fries

Chick Fil A’s waffle fries are a thing of beauty. They may not have the cult following of McDonald’s fries, or the delicious ketchup compatibility of Whataburger, but they’re unique and they get the job done. One of the biggest changes I’ve tried to make has been either eating less of them or avoiding them altogether. Chick Fil A makes this easier than most places because of the options they have, whether its a fruit cup or soup or a side salad or their newest creation: superfood side. Its kale and broccolini with toasted nuts, dried cherries, and a maple vinaigrette. 

ITS SO GOOD.  Like, overwhelming good. And a large one is 170 calories. Huzzah!

So that’s going to be my new obsession. Be prepared.

Breakfast–Three slices of bacon and three eggs, in a quasi-omelet. Its lots of protein, which fills you up!

Lunch–Chick Fil A spicy chicken sandwich and a large superfood side. So good.

Dinner–Mi Cocina. I had an incident once at Mi Cocina where I ordered their street tacos, and then proceeded to die a little bit inside because it was so spicy. It went past the point of funny straight into “I might be needing medical attention if this continues.” So I order the tacos habana now (Cuban tacos), which is much less spicy and has a lot more flavor. 

The best part of dinner was Declan eating chips and salsa though. He dips anything and everything he can, so when he saw us eating salsa, he wanted to partake. And the first bite ended with him turning bright red, sticking his tongue out and yelling (not screaming, to his credit, but voicing distress. I feel you there buddy), and trying to claw everything off his tongue. AND THEN HE WENT BACK FOR MORE SALSA.  That’s my boy.

More vacation tomorrow. 

Have a good one.


Day 10–Rain Delay

That might have been the worst drive to Dallas I’ve ever had. Rain, traffic, unexpected detours…a gamut of terrible. And somehow we STILL made it in four hours. Apparently, when a terrible wreck pushes everyone off of 45 onto a side road, and then more than half of those people can’t/don’t check traffic to see that there are more wrecks on 45 higher up and they cut over in Buffalo, it allows for some WIDE OPEN ROADS. I may or may not have rewritten the speed limit for a while there.

The good part is that we made it to Dallas in one piece, where we promptly fell asleep. So no post last night, but this will make up for it.

Breakfast–Curate Chocolate Hazelnut bar and Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate bar in class. Yesterday was my calorie lab, where I have the students bring in their favorite food and then we figure out how much energy is in it, how many servings of that food you’d need in order to hit certainly calorie milestones. It was, as always, a lot of fun, but it also meant there were giant bags of gummy bears and cakes and candy all over the place. I resisted all temptation, with one exception.

Snack–Thursday I had a very weird craving for chocolate cake. One of my students brought in a homemade Texas sheet cake. The fates aligned, so let them eat cake. It was so so good, and he had to bring all the nutrition info with him to class, so I knew it would fit in my plan for the day.

Lunch–SUSHI. Tuna roll and cucumber avocado roll, with a container of blackberries as dessert. Seriously people…the Driscoll’s Seasons Finest blackberries will change your life. Find them if you can.

Dinner–Taco Bell before we got on the road. I had five tacos, fresco style (no cheese, plus pico de gallo). I know that seems like a lot, but it was also the last thing I ate all day, so it stayed with me for the entire driving ordeal. Success. I had a Dr Pepper too (SPLURGE ALERT) but I only drank half of it, and it was functional as much as anything. Stayed awake while driving, which is a win in my book.

Still under the calorie count for the day, and now we get to spend time with the grandparents. 

Have a good one. 

Day 9–Well, That Was Something

Today was a bit of an oddity. Crazy disciplinary situations, admissions meetings, a food fight started by the 6th graders, a 4th grader walking the halls as Principal For A Day (and gunning for my job by bringing donuts for the teachers), a tech rehearsal for our talent show on equipment I learned about on Tuesday, thermostats locked down by some mysterious security code that just appeared in our offices overnight…at least there was some consistency.

Jerry Jones outmaneuvered himself in the draft. Again. Being a Cowboys fan is rough with the Jones family prominently involved. I explained to Abby–by no means a slouch when it comes to sports, but not a diehard fan–why this was a bad decision and she said “Can we root for someone else?”

No honey, we can’t. Rules are rules, and Elliott might be really good. Just seems like he overthought this one. 

Just like Every. Other. Year.

Breakfast–Chick Fil A Chicken minis and a lemonade. The lemonade was overkill and unnecessary, not to mention a waste of calories. I thought it would be so satisfying…I was wrong.

Lunch–Part of the Principal for a Day gig involved lunch with yours truly, so we had Berryhill in the executive office. Two grilled fish tacos. They weren’t terrible?

Snack–Fiber One bar. Actually ate this before lunch, but they were all within an hour of each other, so who cares.

Dinner–Brinner! Also known as, cleaning out the fridge before Dallas! Two scrambled eggs, some Black Forest bacon from Whole Foods (sweet mercy that stuff is good), and a chocolate chocolate chip scone. I had a craving for chocolate cake, so this served a purpose.

Down five pounds! Woohoo! And Dallas tomorrow, where I’ll likely gain it all back. Whomp whomp.

Have a good one.

Day 8–Blame Griffin. And Chris Pratt.

I had every intention of blogging last night, but then we had Connexus at Crossbridge and I helped tear everything down afterwards, so I didn’t get home until relatively late, and then when I DID get home, Abby was watching Jurassic World. Dinosaurs man. So after all of that and getting Declan ready for school today, I put my head on my pillow and thought “I really need to blog…”

And then my alarm went off this morning. So there you go.

Breakfast–Nature Valley Dark Chocolate and Oats granola bars, and a Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate Chewy bar. The Kashi bar does an especially good job of absorbing liquid and making me feel full (hooray fiber!), so I made it unscathed through the morning.

Lunch–Checking the calories on items, and the corresponding nutrition info, is always enlightening. For instance, the “dinner” I’m about to tell you about is a nutritional disaster. This, oddly enough, wasn’t. Popeye’s spicy tenders–five of them for lots of protein and capsaicin, and fries. I ate half the fries and they overloaded me on tenders, so it actually worked out better than usual.

Snack–I ate an apple on the way to Crossbridge. Thankfully, because…

Dinner–Dinner at Connexus was Pizza Hut and Oreos. I splurged a bit on the Oreos, because they had Peanut Butter Oreos and I couldn’t NOT eat Peanut Butter Oreos, but dear sweet mercy Pizza makes a disgusting product. ONE SLICE of pepperoni pizza was 300 calories. And totally not worth it. Calorie density/calorie value is a real thing. 300 calories is the same all day long, but where you get that 300 is hugely important, something I’ve lost sight of over the last year or two.

Bro time with Dex tonight while Abby does her hippie prenatal yoga. (Hippie autocorrected to hippo the first time. There would have been a couch in my future for that one.)

Have a good one.

Day 7–Progress

I’m not being very consistent with my weigh-ins. The scale resides in the other part of the house, so instead of a daily reminder like last time, it’s more of a “oh hey, there’s that thing” every once in a while. I vary when, I vary what I’m wearing, I vary whether I just ate or not…so it’s not super helpful yet. But the one thing I can confirm is that the numbers–even as they jump around–are lower than they were a week ago. So progress is being made.

I can also tell progress is happening by my appetite. I’m still hungry, but it’s not the dominating “FEED ME” of before. Although, in the effort of full disclosure, tonight I wanted wings or a Whataburger. I resisted, but it was a weird enough day that the old habits of pacifying through food came back strong. My calorie intake for the day was way lower than normal, and I feel fine. Maybe my stomach is starting the process of shrinking back to normal human sizes?

Breakfast–Totally messed up on breakfast. Had plans to do one thing, forgot, then was going to grab something before school, got sidetracked, and about 9 I thought to myself “I don’t feel right…oh yeah! Food!” So I had a GoPicnic box. Very cool little thing we got at Target. Sun butter and crackers, applesauce, a fruit snack thingy, and some vegan chocolate chip cookies. I tossed the cookies (because why?!!) and only ate half the crackers.

Lunch–Murphy’s Deli. Turkey sub with lettuce, bacon, and green pepper and half a bag of BBQ chips. Murphy’s is…meh.

Snack–Some fruit with my boy. Sitting around, watching Disney Jr., munching on blackberries and raspberries. Solid way to spend an afternoon.

Dinner–Had another bowl of cereal. Nothing sounded great but I knew I needed to eat, so I fed my sweet tooth.

Connexus tomorrow night at Crossbridge! Although I’m not sure about the food choices there…

Have a good one.

Day 6–I’m Already Tired

This is going to be a gnarly week. I’ve got something going on every night, from NHS inductions tonight (shout out to the six new members and the departing seniors) to driving to Dallas Friday night. My first priority is to make sure I get time with Declan, and I suppose I need to sleep. And somewhere in between there’s time to exercise and get ready for the next day and all that jazz. Right? There’s room to do it all?

Breakfast–Cherry Larabar and some dried apricots. High in natural sugars, but also high in fiber. I was pretty satisfied.

Lunch–Freebirds, although I behaved myself. Burrito bowl with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, white meat chicken, lettuce, cilantro, corn, and guacamole. Should have gotten my habanero salsa but I forgot. Oh well.

Snack–Dark Chocolate Nature Valley bars around 2 and then peanut butter and celery around 5. 

Dinner–Scrambled eggs with sriracha, spinach and arugula, and crumbled bacon.

Dinner Part 2–A bowl of Chocolate Lucky Charms. I had some calories leftover, and since starvation mode is frowned upon, I had a bowl of cereal. Yes, it’s a lot of sugar. But they’re also surprisingly filling. And finishing them off gets the box out of the house, so it’s a win/win.

Pray for my friend Kym. She had surgery today and we want a speedy and full recovery!

Have a good one.

Day 5–Surprise, It Rained

Apparently that’s what Houston does now. It gets hot, humid, and then floods. The tourism board should be all over that for a slogan. I truly hope everyone was okay after today’s showers, and that any damage was minimal and easily fixed. Been a rough week for a lot of people…they deserve a break.

Class went well this morning, so thanks for all the prayers and support. Preaching the topic of “The Gospel” is always tricky, especially when you know a good portion of your audience is going to be visiting church for potentially the first time. There are so many words that are Christianese, and we bandy them about without a thought for those who don’t have that kind of jargon thrown at them weekly. I went with what I hope was a simple and effective approach: God created this incredible world, and wrote an amazing story, and its sole purpose is to bring us to Him for His glory. A little laughter, a few outdated references (really need to fix that), a Mumford and Sons video…good times. I hope I planted the seeds so that others may water them and bring fruit.

Breakfast–Speaking of fruit, the banana bread is now gone! I miss it already.

Lunch–Subway at the Gutowsky’s. Foot long turkey on wheat, with bacon, lettuce, peppers, jalapeƱos, cucumbers, red onion, and a side of Baked BBQ Lays. Good stuff.

Dinner–Homemade panko crusted chicken fingers with garlic mashed potatoes and green peas. Not in any way like my mom used to make it, but comfort food nonetheless. And Declan ate the chicken but not anything else, which is bizarre for a usually vegetarian baby. It’s almost like he’s about two or something…

Snack–A half cup of blackberries while watching Archer. 

Long week this week, as I’m going to be busy every single night. It’s going to be a test, but one I think I can pass. Thank you for the support so far, for reading this thing, and for asking me how I’m doing. I think I can already feel a difference, but the scale will tell me more in a couple of days.

Have a good one.