Day 443–Insomnia

Well hello there.

You may remember me.  I write a weight loss blog.  Well, usually its about weight loss.  Occasionally I screw up and its a weight gain blog.  It happens.

I haven’t exactly had the greatest couple of weeks, hence my lengthy absence from this space.  Rather than blabber on about how bad life has been blah blah blah here’s a rundown of what has happened.  It’s an explanation/apology for abandoning you, my dear readers:

–Got fired from Bonnie Ruth’s.  “Conflict of Interest” was the official reason, thanks to Dolce, but it felt a little weird all the way around. No sweat though, because

–Got hired at Oil and Vinegar.  I was unemployed for two days. Not bad.

–Had my Church History II midterm.  It. Was. DIFFICULT.  Pulled off a B, and frankly I feel lucky with that.

–Started writing my Church History II paper.  Twenty pages on Pope Innocent III and the Fourth Lateran Council.  Get excited people.

–Had a hold placed on my ACU account, making it very difficult to get transcripts for my teacher certification.  Got it taken care of after calling and explaining to the medical clinic that A) I don’t live in campus and B) I haven’t been on campus for more than 24 hours combined the last 2 years.

–Abby got in a wreck, although it wasn’t her fault and she didn’t get hurt.  Messed the car up pretty good though.

–Participated in a private Food Creates Community and put together my first full composed dessert as Dolce Pastries.  It went well, but its never easy work.

–Have another event this weekend where I’m cooking for 280 people.  Another first!

–Abby went to Jacksonville for 3 days, and is going to Fort Worth for 4 more this weekend.

All of this has led to two developments:  1) I have developed my stress-induced insomnia.  I just can’t get to sleep at night because I can’t turn my brain off.  That, in turn, has caused some weird fluctuations with my weight (as well as eating fast food and sugar and a lot of bad stuff).  I’m incredibly lucky that through some smart choices I’m back down to 211 lbs, even though at one point I was up to 215 in the last week.  I’ve still got the goal of being under 210 by Disney (3 weeks!) and its still attainable.

I’ll try to jump on here later in the day and give a food report.  Have a good one.



Day 428–Explicable Weight Gain

I weighed in this morning at 212.8 lbs.  Normally, this would give me pause; I’ve gained two pounds in a week. That ain’t good.

However, it makes perfect sense in light of some recent developments.  Allow me to recap the last couple of days for you.

Saturday:  Went to see The Lorax in theaters.  Solid movie. Ate candy. Lots. Of. Candy. In case you missed the recent health studies, sugar is bad for losing weight…shocking, right?  I’m also writing a 20 page paper on Pope Innocent III (don’t be jealous) and have been mindlessly munching along on leftover candy while mindlessly writing.  Bad combination.

Sunday:  Went to get barbecue at Rudy’s.  For those of you who don’t remember Rudy’s from my posts about Houston, it was the only good barbecue in Houston. Seriously…everything else sucked.  Apparently it was good by association…in Dallas, where we have good food, its not as wonderful as I remembered.  However, I remembered this after a good pound of barbecue. Whoops.

Monday:  Went to Freebirds with Bingham, ate a lot, and then…I got fired.  Yep…Bonnie Ruth’s let me go because of Dolce, citing a conflict of interest on my part.  Makes sense, not torn up about it, but it was still stressful, which of course led to the consumption of more candy, and some baking. (See: Banana Creme Pie)

So I haven’t been working/on my feet all day, I’ve had some stress, and I ate badly to begin with.  Therefore, two pounds is better than I deserved.

The good news is that I was unemployed for all of 24 hours.  I now work at Oil and Vinegar, which as you might have guessed sells Oil and Vinegar (along with a bunch of other great products).  It’s basically foodie heaven…I get paid (more than I did at Bonnie Ruths…) to talk about food with people all day.  Huzzah!

Last night–Found the job opening at Oil and Vinegar.  Sent in my resume.

Breakfast–A Nature Valley Dark Chocolate granola bar.  Deliciousness.

Exercise–Went on a walk with my wife.  It was muggy, there were lots and lots of bugs, but  it was good to get out and exercise a bit.  And she’s hot…so that’s nice.

Before lunch–Picked up application from Oil and Vinegar.

Lunch–Genghis Grill!  The best bowl I’ve made there in a looooong time.  Beef, shrimp, bok choy, potatoes, bean sprouts, peppers, onions, water chestnuts, jalapenos…bunch of other stuff.  Amazingness.  And I behaved and only ate one!

After lunch–Dropped off application at Oil and Vinegar.

Dessert–I made a pineapple caramel to go with the Banana Creme Pie…wow.  It was freaking incredible.  That’s going on the menu for sure.

After dessert–Went back up to Oil and Vinegar, talked to owner, got job…was told to come in at 7.

Dinner–Sliders and veggies.  Two sliders, some broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Wonderful.

Dessert–Homemade chocolate mousse with a strawberry balsamic (from O&V) reduction. Wowza.

Work–Worked from 7-9:30, less than 48 hours after getting let go from Bonnie Ruths.  Amazing how life works out!

So there you go.  I hope I lose weight this week, and I will work on it, but I’m not going to let this weekend throw me off my game.  Sometimes you get curveballs…and occasionally you get one that hangs and you can crush it.  Feeling pretty good about life.  Have a good one!

Day 425–It Is, In Fact, Possible to Mess Up Chocolate

And how.

Today in Dolce Pastries world, I made chocolate covered salted caramel cups.  Twice.  The first time they were ruined because of some really funky “chocolate” from Whole Foods.  The second time, after a refund from Whole Foods and some better product, they turned out to be absolutely incredible.  You should check them out, and poke around the Dolce website if you haven’t yet.  I’ll wait.

So while this isn’t necessarily a weigh-in post or anything, I ate a lot of homemade candy today…which means Tuesday should be interesting.

Breakfast–Three cinnamon roll minis (about an inch and a half in diameter) and two strips of bacon.  It still boggles my mind that I can eat three minis and feel fully sated, and yet if I eat just one regular cinnamon roll (about the same amount of roll) I am convinced I need to eat more.  Our minds are probably our biggest allies and enemies in weight-loss…I need to get mine under control.

Lunch–Homemade stir-fry with carrots, onion, spinach, and sweet potato on brown rice with a sauce of soy sauce, Sriracha, and a splash of honey.  I ate too much of it (the opposite problem of breakfast…piled it all on my plate, ate it all) but man it was delicious.

Dinner–Rigatoni with beef and arugula.  I know it sounds weird, but trust me–it was fantastic. And I kept my portion size under control!

Dessert–Three or so of the aforementioned chocolates.  I had to try them all…

Tomorrow is day two of my unexpected three day weekend.  We’re going to have some fun up here in rainy North Texas!

Day 421–Professionalism

Today was the first day where Dolce felt like a real job…and I LOVED it.

I made my weekly trek to Allen, except Jordan was taking everyone on a field trip (don’t you remember how awesome field trips are?!) so we had about an hour to talk.  In that hour we worked out the details for two separate events, talked about two more (one I had to decline and one I took, but only after consulting with my calendar) and also had a nice side conversation about cookbooks from the 1880’s. Like normal people.

After that, I came home and made chocolate spice cake, pictures of which you can find on the Dolce website.  It was really REALLY good, although I think I would tweak it a bit.  Lots of clove…

And of course, the important part: I weighed in this morning at 210.8 lbs.  My second New Years’ resolution besides the #215by219 was to reach 210 lbs. by the time we go to Disney World…in mid-April.  The difficult part of that one appears to be getting under and staying under, since I think I’m leveling out a bit.  It also doesn’t help that I ate a piece plus of cheesecake last night. So let’s see how this works out!

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats.  I enjoy FMW, but because of my aversion to milk if I don’t put fruit on them its a bit like eating hay.  I forgot to put fruit on them this morning so…hay for breakfast.

Lunch–Two sandwiches (a bit overkill, but I wanted to try different things. And again, hay for breakfast), one with cajun turkey, spinach, and Anaheim chile, and then the other with buffalo chicken, spinach, and Anaheim.  They were both amazing.

Dessert–A piece of the aforementioned spice cake with a dollop of whipped cream and some candied ginger sprinkled on top. It was gooooood.

Dinner–Two crab cakes, some butter beans, and sauteed zucchini and onion with soy sauce.  Such a great meal!  Market Street has some great pre-cooked crab cakes that just require a bit of browning/crisping.  I’m a fan.

Dessert–Yeah yeah…two desserts.  I thought about food all day, what do you expect?  I had some of the leftover cheesecake from last night.  Two bites of banana cheesecake and 4-5 bites of Hersheys cheesecake.  If you have access to a Cheesecake Factory, go get either one of them. You won’t be disappointed. (And both might be better.)

So overall today was solid.  Got work the rest of this week and then next week is Spring Break, which really only matters because Abby is off all week and I don’t have to read for class–Double win.  Have a good one.