Ideally, this post will convey what I’m thinking. But reality and idealism often diverge, eh?


Ideally, I will be fully present in the life of my family.  I will savor moments, take physical and mental snapshots, cherish the chaos, bask in the peace, and have a grasp on the moment.

Ideally, I will sacrifice for the betterment of Declan and Abby and whatever (whoever?) happens in the future. I will place myself last, I will humbly serve, and I will lead as Christ leads.

Ideally, I will not beat myself up over the parenting failures that are sure to follow. Nor will I strut around proud of my successes. This entire thing is going to be one roller coaster crapshoot, and I’d like to act accordingly.

Ideally, I will not stress over material things, but be content with the tremendous blessings afforded me in this world. I will trust in God, trust in my math skills, and trust this is all going to work out like it should.

Ideally, Declan will grow up rooting for some good sports teams. Dallas, as a collective sports city (throwing you in there too, Horns and Man United), will not destroy his love of sports and foster cynicism in him like it has in his father.

Ideally, my boy will like crazy foods and try new things and be culturally adventurous. He will amaze me with his curiosity and joie de vivre, and push my boundaries in this delightful world we call home.

Ideally, he will see a world that strives for peace and justice, not only for those in the media spotlight, but those the world forgets today. Brazil will not be known for a World Cup and Olympics, but social change and basic human dignity.

Ideally, he will be a Momma’s Boy. Because she’s awesome and he could do a lot better than me as a role model.

Ideally, Abby will feel loved and honored and cherished by both of us. Heck, all three of us…London needs to show some appreciation.

Ideally, London will live to be 30 and healthy the entire time. She’s an amazing little fur ball.

Ideally, God will bless Declan with a calling worthy of his name. God made me a healer in ways I never imagined, Abby has brought joy to so many, and I desire for Dex to be a true man of prayer.

Ideally, Declan will be healthy and strong. He will turn to God first among all in this world. He will be loved and protected. He will find a passion in this world that excites him and causes his eyes to alight, his cadence to quicken, his voice to jump up a few notes, and his hands to start waving like a madman when he’s talking about it all. Because man that’s a fun feeling.

Ideally, I will understand at some point the magnitude of fatherhood. The good, the bad, the ugly…all of it.

Because even though idealism and reality often diverge, its not a bad thing to hope for the best.

Ready to meet you little buddy.