Day 449–Simplicity is Underrated

Creativity should not be overlooked or overvalued.  It’s a huge part of being successful, being entertained, and being progressive.  There is, however, such a thing as thinking things out too much.  For instance, at Allen today we made some sorbet.  Strawberry sorbet.  It involved pureed fruit and an ice cream maker, nothing fancy, and it was absolutely delicious. On the flip side, I made some more Dolce bars and yet decided to use my funky raspberry vinegar caramel.  It turned out to be too rich and really gross.  When it tastes bad AND makes you feel bad after eating it, its a failure.  Stick with the normal caramel Henderson.

I also decided to work out today for the first time in forever, and paid the consequences.  As you may recall, I like to run on an incline using interval training. A couple of minutes walking, a couple of minutes sprinting, rinse and repeat.  At some point in the last week or so, I managed to mess up my left knee, probably from walking around in Crocs too much doing some catering and baking.  It doesn’t feel great walking around, but I figured I could loosen it up and be fine.  When I started walking it worked great, so I jacked up the speed (like usual) and made it about 2 minutes before all heck broke loose and I thought I was going to end up crumpled in a heap behind the treadmill.  I finished off the walk, loosened it up a bit, went a mile, and called it a day.  I hope it gets better soon because I think even a light workout will get my metabolism back up to snuff.  Even without the workouts, I’m back down to 210.2 lbs…on track for being under 210 by Disney and achieving one of my goals for the year.

Breakfast–I overslept (long week…not really Ignition-appropriate to discuss) and so I grabbed a granola bar on my way to Allen.  I had a small (about 2 inches by 1 inch) piece of overly toasty pizza dough when I got there.

Lunch–Leftover barbecue beef from Smoke.  Burke and I decided to take a trek down to Tim Byres’ restaurant yesterday, and it was FANTASTIC.  We spent a lot of money, ate a lot of food, and loved it.  It was some chopped beef, some sliced beef, some pickled peppers and onions, and a jalapeno all sauteed and dressed with barbecue sauce from The Commissary in Memphis (thanks Jenna!) and put on a piece of toast.  Deliciousness.

Dinner–Chipotle with the wife.  I had a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, barbacoa, roasted corn salsa, a little hot salsa, and some lettuce.  Really colorful and it tasted fantastic.

Dessert–A piece of the aforementioned Dolce bar.  The chocolate shortbread was great…the caramel sucked.  It is what it is.

Going back up to Allen tomorrow and taking a pit stop at Georgia’s Farmers Market.  And I’d like my knee back thank-you-very-much.  Have a good one.