Day 111–Tacos and “Bullet Holes”

So…that was an exciting day.  Slept in, missed the Farmers’ Market (again), Abby bought a sewing machine for her early birthday present, had dinner with the Toy’s and St. Germain’s, went to work out, thought we got shot at…

Wait. What?

Yes, dear reader, we had our first encounter with the Houston P.D.  While running on the treadmill, the pane of glass in front of Abby (literally 3 feet from her) shattered with a loud bang, leaving a neat, bullet-sized hole and glass “shrapnel” all over the place, including imbedding a shard into Abby’s leg.  We all jumped off the machines, called the police, and inspected the premises only to find a large rock that someone (we assume from the drunk party happening in the pool) had hurled at the window with such force that it knocked pieces of fragmented glass all the way back to the far wall, some 20-25 feet away.  Now I’m not saying it was intentional, but…yeah.  For the umpteenth time, I hate Houston.  Photographic evidence below:

Pretty, um, awesome?

Breakfast–So I swiped an idea from Nathan MacDonald and indulged myself in the deliciousness of a wafflewich…and it was goooooood.  Two strawberry Eggo waffles with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Amazing. Teach me your ways, sensei.

Lunch–Since we slept in (I’m talking like 11 am…glorious), breakfast was at 11 and lunch was at 2, with dinner at like 5:30.  Compacted day, no real room for a mid-morning snack.  Lunch was salad greens with leftover taco turkey meat and leftover chickpea salad.  It was incredible…that chickpea salad is a surefire winner.

Snack–I said no room for a mid-morning snack…not an afternoon snack.  I had some peach Fage with honey.  The peach is really growing on me…its amazing with the honey.

Dinner–We met the Toy’s and St. Germain’s at Goode Company Taqueria before they went to Haley Mathis’ play for the evening.  We are poor and I am still sick (cough) so we couldn’t join them, but dinner was still a blast.  Abby and I split the combo fajitas: great grilled chicken and steak in homemade tortillas.  Luckily I don’t eat cheese or sour cream, but it was still a calorie bomb.

Exercise–Even with all the fake gunfire, I still got a handy workout in.  Ran for twenty minutes and lifted some weights, as much as my weakened lung capacity could handle.

Thanks to a handy new iPhone app, I calculated that I only ate about 1775 calories today and lost about 200 running…so pretty good way to get back on track!  And best of all, we’re both safe.

God post coming tomorrow…get excited.


Day 110–Health Fail

I am still sick.

Under normal circumstances I would have called my dad, procured a prescription for antibiotics and killed this thing a long time ago, but then two things happened: 1) Abby convinced me it was a cold and not a sinus infection.  The green stuff I keep coughing up says otherwise.  2) My parents left for a cruise in Europe. Very hard to get ahold of them that way, especially for something whiny like a sinus infection.  So I’m counting on my usually stout immune system to pull me through…an immune system that has been systematically destroyed by Houston.  I hate you Houston.  Thank God its the weekend.

My little rant yesterday started some great discussions at Westbury.  I really hope they develop into something…actions speak louder than words. We get another crack at it on Tuesday, and I hope there’s a noticeable change, or at least something we can work with.

Breakfast–Cherry Fage w/ honey.  Another late morning.

Snack (throughout the day)–I decided that rather than eat something I’d regret from the vending machine, I’d get some Jolly Ranchers and honey roasted peanuts to tide me over throughout the day.  They did the job, totaling probably 5 JRs and a 1/3 cup of honey roasted peanuts.

Lunch–Tuna on salad greens with a banana and a brownie.  The meal option was again Fettuccine Carbonara, or as we call it in America, carbo-loaded pasta with a heavy cheese/cream sauce and bacon.  And this is supposedly “healthy” dining.

Dinner–Pinto beans simmered with bacon and some caramelized onions.  A little salt, a little pepper, some ancho chili powder and a splash of chicken broth, along with my mom’s homemade cornbread…delicious.

Dessert–A cup of ice cream.  The whole thing was less than 300 calories…score.

So lets recap: yogurt, peanuts, salad, tuna, the brownie, beans, cornbread, and ice cream.  Probably around 2000 calories for the day, if that.  And yet I’m still gaining weight like its a requirement to live.  I hate being sick.

Farmers Market and dinner with friends tomorrow…here’s to feeling better and getting back on track.

Day 109–Cure for Apathy

Attention Westbury:  Things like today’s chapel occur because you are apathetic about your God.  You don’t bring your Bible because its not important to you.  You don’t sing because you’re afraid of looking or sounding stupid as opposed to fully devoting yourself to worship.  You complain about chapel, yet you (and not all of you, I know this) do NOTHING to make it better, to own it, or to turn it into something new.  And don’t give me the “we need guitars, we need females to be involved, blah blah blah” line–Peter brought the house down in Acts 2 with a simple speech because the people had open hearts and were willing to be changed.  You, on the other hand, are not.  Yes, instruments would help create an energy and help with the music, but worship is an attitude, not a song.  We know things aren’t perfect; we hear it from you everyday.  We’re trying to make it better. What are you doing?

Breakfast–Toastwich with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

Lunch–Abby brought me Chick-fila, because she’s the best wife ever.  Spicy chicken sandwich, large fruit cup, and a lemonade.  The amazing thing about fast food continues to be the hidden calories.  My lemonade had more calories than the fruit cup and half as many calories as the sandwich did.  Ridiculous, yet delicious.  I guess the warning is: know your calories. Know what you’re getting yourself into and adjust accordingly.

Dinner–No snacks today because I’m still sick and relatively exhausted.  I came home from work and laid down on the bed for about an hour.  Didn’t sleep, just…existed.  It was great.  Dinner was Whataburger because in my clogged state of being I wanted something I could taste.  Double whataburger with bacon, fries, and a Dr. Pepper.  And you better believe there were more calories and fat in dinner than in lunch and breakfast combined.  I can’t wait to be healthy again.

So that’s about it.  Long day between the sickness and the general malaise at school.  I appreciate the conversations and the dialogue to make things better, but stop talking and start doing.  We’ve tried half a dozen things are you aren’t responding…until you take ownership, we don’t have a chance.

Day 108–Silence is Golden

I may be the only one that has this problem, but whenever I hear myself recorded (video, voicemail, etc) I’m always appalled at how I sound.  I hate my voice.  The fact that I intentionally chose a vocation where I’m dependent on my voice is a sham.  People should NOT want to hear me speak…at least in my head.  Others find my voice to be uplifting, soothing, prophetic, and enlightening.  Whatever your opinions are on my dulcet tones, when I wake up in the morning and my voice is gone, like this morning, I know its going to be a fun one.  I got ready this morning communicating with Abby through hand motions and grunts, intentionally kept the radio on ESPN so I couldn’t be tempted to sing along, and drank as much fluid as humanly possible.  Through preventative measures like these, I made it through the day.  I sound more ridiculous than normal, but I made it.

Breakfast–Yogurt and a Fiber One bar.  It was a quick morning since my body is so screwed up, so I ate what I could in a short amount of time.

Lunch–Had a little bit of a change up at lunch.  It was supposed to be Asian chicken something or other, but then they changed it to fajitas.  The problem is, it still wasn’t good or that healthy.  In fact, when I took a bit of the peas that came with it, all I tasted was butter.  I drowned my displeasure with oatmeal raisin cookies, that were in fact delicious.

Dinner–Tacos!  This was planned; the fajitas obviously weren’t.  Ground turkey, some caramelized onions, lettuce, and soft corn tortillas made for a great dinner, and we had a lot of stuff left over.  An extremely frugal and wise purchase, if I do say so myself.

Dessert–Gummi bears.  Like 100 calories worth. I love gummi bears. And another cookie.

Lord willing, tomorrow will be better and I can get back to exercising, and more importantly, breathing and speaking correctly.

Day 107–Back to Work

I finally felt good enough to come back to school.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I felt good.  By the end of the day I think my voice sounded a little bit like Gilbert Gottfried, minus the insensitive tsunami jokes.  I’ve tried, to no avail, to keep speaking down to a minimum at home and drink fluids, but I know tomorrow is still going to be bad news.  Get excited for going mute!

Breakfast–Peanut butter toastwich with a hardboiled egg.  I really like hardboiled eggs, but I usually don’t think fast enough in the morning to make them.  Therefore, I made them in advance and have a ready supply in the fridge. Score.

Snack–I needed sugar to get me through the morning, so I went with what I think was my last Fiber One bar.  Although I say that all the time, and they keep appearing. So…yeah.

Lunch–Campus ministry team meeting with pizza.  I had two small pieces, some sea salt and cracked black pepper chips, and a Coke.  Not the best, but remember, I’m in survival mode now.  3:25 can’t come fast enough.

Dinner–Roasted chicken from Randall’s, asparagus with lemon, and a chickpea salad I made with red onion, red bell pepper, cilantro, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, ancho chili powder, and of course, chickpeas.  It was a fantastic meal.  If I had thought about it, I would have made bread too, but my brain’s not in tiptop shape right now…

Dessert–Whoopie pie with my cookies and a tablespoon of marshmallow creme.  Delicious.

So that’s about it.  Not healthy enough to work out, and I can certainly feel all the hard work from last week wasting away.  Going to be tough, but I still think I can hit my goal. One month, ten pounds…bring it on!

Day 106–Baking = Weight Gain

So, I missed school today. I woke up and sounded like some bizarre combination of James Earl Jones and an old trucker (of either gender). You know its going to be an interesting day when you roll over to get your alarm, say “Man, its early” and your wife immediately asks “Are you okay?!” Needless to say, my next action was emailing in sick (isn’t technology great?), popping some more medication, and going back to sleep.

As if my enhanced baritone wasn’t proof enough, I went to bed around 10 last night and slept until 11. Yeah…thirteen hours of sleep. My body was worn out. Not surprisingly, after medication, fluids, lots of sleep and relaxation, I feel a hundred times better. Good night’s sleep tonight and I’ll be back on the warpath for good ole WCS.

Breakfast–Well, since I didn’t awake until 11, breakfast and “lunch” kinda run together. For breakfast I had cherry Fage with honey.

Lunch–Steel cut oats with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut spread. I think I’ve said this before in this space, but it bears repeating: Nutella is better than Justin’s chocolate hazelnut. Same ingredients (give or take a couple) but Nutella is just the best. Anyhoo…the Justin’s in the steel cut oats was a disaster. Peanut butter? Delicious. Hazelnut? Blech.

Snack–I made homemade bread! It was super easy, and I got the recipe from Mark Bittman, one of my favorite critics/columnists/bloggers. Anyways, for my first attempt at French bread, I was pleased. Here’s the proof.French Bread!

Dinner–Jimmy John’s. I had my first ever Unwich, which is a lettuce wrap instead of bread. Turkey, ham, bacon, cucumber, oregano, sprouts, and onions rolled into lettuce…very VERY good. I also had some sweet potato FSTG chips. Great meal.

Dessert–Made some more chocolate chip cookies. These I underbaked…a lot…and so they weren’t as successful. Anyways, I ate like 4 counting all the batter. Not a good idea. I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can (hopefully) work out again and get my metabolism revved back up.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter, and here’s to May and the end of school!

Day 105–He is Risen

So its official. I’m sick. I’m really bummed because the decongestant I took last night kept me up until 5 am (yep, not good when ill) and the combo of sickness and insomnia led to us not going to church this morning. We missed Casey Toy’s star turn as Mary Magdalene and what I’m sure was an incredible sermon from Mark, but I think being healthy is more important. The bad news is…I’m not healthy. School’s gonna be fuuuuuuun this week.

Breakfast–In celebration of Easter (Amen for the third day) Abby made pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes even. I had like five. This is also a good time to tell you this was a terrible day for weight loss. Between how dehydrated I am from the decongestants and lack of taste buds, I found flavor and satisfaction where I could. Disastrous results.

Lunch–Subway! Footlong on wheat, with turkey, bacon, lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, black pepper, and jalapenos. With some sweet potato chips and slightly sweetened tea, it was a great meal.

Dinner–I tried to make soup, but we didn’t have any stock and the water made everything so dulled in taste that I ended up having to season it with so much salt that it was a culinary flop. It also led to…

Dessert–Blizzards from Dairy Queen. I had a medium double fudge chocolate chip cookie dough. Haven’t the foggiest how much of a calorie bomb it is, but it can’t be good. I’m afraid to look it up.

So there it is. Not good…but maybe tomorrow will be better. Now I’m wickedly off track for my goal, but if I get better I can right the ship. I believe in…myself?