Day 843–Happy Birthday Bruce

Apparently today is Batman’s birthday. Kinda cool, eh? He’s 74 and still tearing people up…and he’s got 26 years to be as awesome as my great-grandpa. Suck it Dark Knight.

In life news, we’re moving again. But this time it serves a purpose…we’re going to downsize to a smaller/cheaper apartment for a little while and then (hopefully) get a house!  The new place is closer to Sugar Land so we won’t have to burn as much gas going back and forth all the time and we’ll save almost two days’ worth of pay each month. I call that a win/win…we’re really excited about it!

I also got my bike today, and its AWESOME. Even riding it around the parking lot before I put it up tonight was fun. I’m looking forward to using it the next couple of months, because once we move it’s not as feasible for errands and stuff…we’re going to live right off of a highway for a while, so that’s no bueno. But in the ‘burbs it’s so so nice. I’m going to take it out for a spin tomorrow…I kind of feel like a kid before Christmas. My wife is amazing.

Breakfast/Lunch–I think they call it brunch. Clearing out some leftovers, I threw some grilled onions, beans and rice, and then leftover Lupe Tortilla in a skillet with a splash of chipotle chicken broth to heat up, then dumped it all in a bowl of deliciousness. Really good stuff.

Snack–A shake from Sonic. Such a bad idea…tasted so good.

Dinner–Raising Cane’s! I shipped the bike to the REI down where we used to live (its the closest one…not many outdoorsmen in Houston. Because the air will kill you) and conveniently, there’s a Cane’s right across the street.  So we indulged in a little chicken goodness for dinner, and it definitely lived up to expectations.

Hanging with the thugs tomorrow, then substituting on Friday, and Youth BBQ stuff all weekend. Gonna be a blast!

Have a good one.