Day 263–What Store Doesn’t Sell Pumpkin?!

So I went shopping for groceries today to make Pumpkin chili for dinner. Yes, its pumpkin chili. Chili with pumpkin in it. Get over it…I’ll explain later. The really bizarre thing is that our local Safeway doesn’t have any pumpkin in stock.  I know that’s a seasonal item, for the holidays or whatnot, but come on…throwing a “Coming Soon!” sign up and acting like its completely normal is just wrong. I’m pretty sure they even have pumpkin year-round in Abilene.  This needs to be fixed quickly, because once the temperature gauge consistently goes below 60 I’m going to be making pumpkin everything. Get on it Safeway of Littleton.

Breakfast–Baked oatmeal.  The raspberries add a good tartness that the blueberries weren’t capable of delivering by themselves.  That must be why the original recipe calls for mixed berries…but Abby doesn’t eat strawberries, so I add to improvise.

Bonus Information–The punctuation mark ?! or !? is called an interrobang. Boom.

Lunch–Omelette with sausage, red onion, jalapeno, potato and three eggs. Extremely filling, and quite delicious.

Snack–A Baby Ruth. I know candy is bad for me, but they were half off at Safeway. And I do love me a Baby Ruth.

Dinner–Pumpkin chili.  A pound of ground beef, sauteed with garlic and yellow onion, then simmered together with crushed tomatoes, a chopped jalapeno or two (I did one because Abby hates spice, two would have been better), a can of pumpkin, and some cinnamon and chili powder.  It’s funny because the entire massive pot of chili had one tiny teaspoon of cinnamon, and yet that’s the pervasive smell of the chili, and it has a jalapeno and I put a tablespoon and a half of chili powder and there was hardly any spice.  The pumpkin added a savory richness to the chili…really good.  And there’s going to be close to three extra meals out of the whole thing. Not a bad deal.

Dessert–This was completely unnecessary, but Abby had a rough week and it was on sale and one thing led to another…chocolate gelato.  On top of that I made a banana caramel with some leftover bananas Abby had laying around.  It was AMAZING…and over the top. Can’t do that every night…or even every month. But not a bad way to end the week.

Interrobang. Seriously.


Day 262–There is a Light That Never Goes Out

This morning at 8 am CDT, Sunday Ibok went to be with our Maker. Again, while I didn’t know Sunday personally, he was a huge figure on campus at ACU during my time there and the outpouring of love, sadness, prayer, and remembrance of a life well-lived has been overwhelming. I would find myself checking Facebook for updates and being captivated by the comments made by others–some who have known Sunday seemingly forever and others who were briefly touched by his indefatigable spirit.  It is a true testament to a man’s life that in passing there is great remorse that others will not get to experience his friendship, and I consider myself one of those who missed out.  As his last tweet said, Sunday was “Faithful” to his family, his friends, and most importantly his God.  While Sunday may be gone from this world, memories of his life and lessons he taught will live on.  I was blessed to be able to pray alongside brothers and sisters who showed the true measure of Sunday by his love, and it is an experience I will never forget.

Breakfast–Cornbread muffins with a little cherry preserves. Good breakfast!

Exercise–I took about an hour walk around the trails today because the weather magically dipped into the 60’s. Between the experiences with Sunday, the beauty of the nature surrounding me, and a great conversation with my mom, God’s presence was incredibly strong today–a blessing for which I’m very grateful.

Lunch–Turkey club sandwich with some grapes and spice-rubbed bbq chips.  Great sandwich, and because I worked out a bit I was actually able to eat two to reload on protein without throwing my day off.

Dinner–Arby’s roast chicken club, no sauce and no cheese with only half the bun and a side salad.  Overall about 400 calories for the whole meal.  Delicious.

Dessert–A piece of my new batch of baked oatmeal, this time with raspberries AND blueberries!

Here’s to the weekend, and to a God who is with us in times of happiness and sadness. He is good.

Day 259–In Honor of Sunday Ibok

Today Sunday Ibok, a friend of my cousin, roommate, and numerous friends from ACU, suffered a brain aneurysm. He was a member of the Theater department at ACU and a member of the Sing Song dance team. By all accounts, he was a light to everyone who knew him and a wonderful man of God, and while I may not have known him personally, he has affected many of my friends and so I feel his loss as well.  May the God of peace and understanding be with his family during this incredibly difficult time, and may we all realize that God can perform miracles.

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios. Deliciousness.

Lunch–Abby came home for lunch! Woo! Peanut butter sandwich and barbecue chips.

Movies–While eating lunch I had the good fortune to get to watch the end of Easy A and Invictus. Both are great movies…if you haven’t seen them, you should. Give you something to do tomorrow night.

Snack–Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. There’s a trend here.

Dinner–BOGO burgers at the Old Mill! Bacon burger with sweet potato fries (some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had actually) that I shared with Abby. Not bad, except I had to watch the first half of the Cowboys game while there.  They look terrible, even if they come back to win.

No dessert tonight…the burger filled me up. Have a good one people, and hug your loved ones.

Day 258–Clogged

We don’t have the most respectful of neighbors. The ones upstairs find it amusing to smoke, curse, hack up lungs (presumably related to the smoking. I think I learned that once) and play music at obnoxious decibel levels. Next to us, we have two little yipping dogs that bark at odd hours of the night and apparently bother everyone but the owners.  Generally, if I can get to sleep these intrusions don’t bother me too much, unless there are other insidious forces working against my peaceful slumber. Unfortunately, that was the case last night.  We’ve had an upswing in the temperature gauge up here, and it went from the mid 60’s to the mid 80’s in the span of one day. (Note to all Texans: I know this isn’t hot. Not complaining about the heat. Complaining about the allergies that received a jump-start due to the heat.) Something hit the air last night while we were having dinner and I haven’t been able to breathe correctly since then. So when I’m already stopped up, getting my REM disturbed by a psychotic dog means I get up much earlier than desired, and then the noise upstairs kept me awake and out of healing sleep.  Long story short: I feel like I’ve been run over by something that was kind enough to turn around and shove gunk in my sinuses.

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.  Might be the best set of cereals ever, unless you count all the different sets of marshmallows in Lucky Charms as different cereals. Then that wins.

Lunch–Leftover Tokyo Joe’s with some sweet potato chips. Not bad, and the price wasn’t anything to sneeze at either.

Snack–An orange and part of a Mars bar. Question: how is a Mars bar any different than a Milky Way? Chocolate, caramel, and chocolate nougat…the main ingredients in a Milky Way. AND a Mars bar. I don’t understand.

Dinner–Buffalo flank steak marinaded with a barbecue dry rub, roasted potatoes, and barbecue beans. Flank steak has often been an Achilles’ heel of mine, on account of the fact I haven’t had a real grill to use, but tonight’s was really good and cooked perfectly. Who knows…maybe I’m learning!

Dessert–Some of the chocolate drops from yesterday’s excursion.

I’m bummed we didn’t get to go on a long walk, but going outside wasn’t much of an option for me today.  Here’s to feeling better…and to the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, and Oklahoma State Cowboys. You do me proud boys.

Day 257–Downtown Littleton

Today was EPIC.  We slept in (always nice) and then after watching Man U sleepwalk for 90 minutes (we woke up, then didn’t) we took a little trip to downtown Littleton, a mere 5 minutes from our apartment.  When we moved in, we had some complaints about the fact that our bathroom is smaller than Abby’s car and our appliances are literally older than Abby is, but the location and the views are AMAZING.  We’re incredibly close to everything, including about twenty minutes from downtown Denver. In traffic. It’s great.  So since we’re so close to downtown Littleton but had only been to dinner once, we decided to walk around and check out the shops.  They had a bunch of candy shops (dangerous…but delicious), some specialty spice shops (I got candied ginger for pumpkin muffins and some dutch-processed cocoa that looks incredible), and a ton of antique shops that we wandered in and out of for a good long while. It’s a really neat place…I’m sure we’ll go back soon!

Breakfast–Baked oatmeal. Tried it heated up today, and it was just as good, if not better. And we still have some leftover for tomorrow! Great deal.

Lunch–I had a bacon burger and a salad at the Old Mill Brewery while watching the FSU-Clemson debacle. I’m a Tajh Boyd believer, but I’m still a Noles fan at heart. It was too bad.

Snack–One of the chocolate shops we stopped at had some dark chocolate-cayenne drops…they are amazing. I bought some, but I tried two or three of them at the store. That was enough for me to be full, and completely hooked.

Dinner–Tokyo Joe’s!  I had a brown rice bowl with white chicken, spicy-aki sauce (yes…its called spicy-aki. If it wasn’t delicious, I wouldn’t tolerate it) and broccoli, edamame, snap peas, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. Also, because its Saturday we tried a spicy California roll as an appetizer.  After developing a taste for sushi in Houston, its kind of weird that Denver is such a huge mecca for sushi. Who’d have thought?

Dessert–I also got a piece of fudge at a different chocolate shop…I wanted ice cream, but they were out. Sadness.  The fudge was a great alternative though, even if it wasn’t healthy.

So I’m sure my calorie intake for the day was horrid, but we walked a bit and had a blast, so it evened out somewhat in my mind. Tomorrow we can go for a real exercise walk, because since Texas has a bye week and Dallas plays on Monday, there isn’t a single football game all weekend that I really care about. Kinda nice.


Day 256–Supernatural!

I miss my DVR. Badly. There are lots of non-network shows that we keep up with, not the least of which involve my love of cartoons. Yes, I’m 26 and I love cartoons. So what. Because I haven’t been able to record them, its always a guessing game as to when shows start and a huge stroke of luck when I randomly stumble upon them.  So imagine my glee when I was changing channels, trying to waste time for the premiere of Supernatural (HECK YEAH!) and I found new Batman episodes. Thats right…I spent my Friday night watching Batman and Young Justice.  Totally worth it. And now we get to end it with Supernatural, which has been sorely missed in the Henderson household.

Breakfast–The baked oatmeal was amazing. Healthy, easy to make, and fairly cheap since the ingredients can be used at least twice. Food for multiple days, and its delicious to boot. Holla.

Lunch–Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on whole wheat, along with spice-rubbed barbecue chips.

Dinner–Homemade stir-fry with everything we had in the fridge. Chicken, green beans, poblano pepper, red onion, and a potato on brown rice with a sauce of soy, sriracha, and teriyaki with a dash of honey.  It was really REALLY good. Might have to add that to the repertoire.

Dessert–Another ice cream sandwich. Probably shouldn’t have, but my sweet tooth is rampant recently.

This weekend we’ll tour downtown Littleton and check out some of the shops and restaurants, and potentially take another trip into the mountains. I love weekends!

Day 255–Baked Oatmeal

I made my first baked item from scratch while in Colorado today. I know, I know, I should be apologizing for not blogging for the last four days, but honestly I’ve been a little sick and we went to another Rockies game and things just got in the way. Wasn’t a priority. It happens. So back to the baking…I got a great recipe in the weekly Whole Foods email for baked oatmeal. I didn’t know you could bake oatmeal, so that was kind of a shock to me. Anyways, its apple-blueberry baked oatmeal. No clue if its any good, but it looks and smells delicious. I’ll report back tomorrow when we have it for breakfast. So there’s your hook…sorry I abandoned you, come back tomorrow and check on the baked goodness.

Breakfast–I couldn’t get to sleep last night due to some internal issues (Abby thinks its pancreatitis…I think she’s read too many medical books. And I REALLY hope she’s wrong) so I slept late even though it only amounted to 6 hours of sleep.  So when I finally got up, I had some Honey Nut Cheerios. At the store today I spiced things up by grabbing Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Multigrain Cheerios. Should keep me covered for a while.

Lunch–Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread with some Tostitos Artisan Chipotle chips.

Exercise–Another good thing about today is that Abby got home ridiculously early.  She was home at 2:30. 2:30!  That means we had time to go on a nice long walk while it was still light outside. A good 2-mile jaunt to get the blood flowing.

Dinner–Jambalaya with pinto beans and chicken-apple sausage.  It was wonderful!  It’s a cheap option for dinner, and Abby recommends it all the time, but every time she asks for jambalaya its delicious. She’s the dinner whisperer.

Dessert–Ice cream sandwich. I also bought more of those at the store.  Compromises…life is full of compromises.