Day 535–Bacon Bratwurst

Yeah…you read that right. Bacon. Bratwurst.

Just to build up the suspense, both of the Dallas sports teams in action tonight (Rangers played, Mavs “drafted”) gave new meaning to the phrase “Trying too hard.”  The Rangers made Oakland look like an offensive and defensive juggernaut with untimely hitting woes and baserunning straight out of a bad Little League game.  The Mavs apparently tried to take a page from Jerry Jones and prove they were smarter than everyone else by drafting three people that caused the experts and everyone watching to say “Wait…they did what?”  Good work boys.

I did NOT get shot down for a job today, so that’s progress, although I must disclose I didn’t actually apply for one either.  But small steps right?

Breakfast–Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal…actually really good.  I’m a fan, although you’d best believe there’s a box of Strawberry Fields waiting for me with their deliciousness.

Lunch–BACON BRATS.  Pork brats, with bacon as the fat source. Unbelievable.  I also made a fig-onion-bacon jam to put on it and some Bush’s Grillin’ Beans on the side–a great meal.

Exercise–Twenty on the elliptical, most of it on a higher resistance.  Burning those calories…

Snack–…like these.  Two Eggos (we bought more) with my caramel from yesterday and some chocolate chips. Huzzah for sugar!

Dinner–Spicy Tuna roll with pineapple and a chocolate peanut butter cupcake.  We had to give Gramps a tour of Watters Creek to complete his Allen experience.  I love that cupcake.

Torchy’s tomorrow, a brief amount of work, and hopefully some quality pool time.

Have a good one.


Day 534–Facepalm

First off, the prayers for Colorado appear to doing their thing. Rain today, with a bit more expected as the night goes on.  Well done.

Second, I completely forgot about the weigh-in yesterday.  I’m at 215.6, which isn’t spectacular (brief recap…I was almost to 215 on February 19th. So…stagnancy rules.) but again, heading the right direction.  Sorry for the lack of update/accountability yesterday; totally my bad.

Third, for the second time this week I’ve gotten turned down for a job because I managed to apply two days too late.  It’s tough because we aren’t sure where we’re going, so I’m trying to feel things out and make inquiries, but I’ve gotten excited about an opportunity twice only to have it dismissed before it even got off the ground. Frustration reigns.

Breakfast–A biscuit and strawberry-jalapeno jelly before driving to Ft. Worth to get shot down. Productive morning.

Lunch–Turkey sandwich with bread and butter jalapenos, bacon, and some Julio’s chips.  If you don’t know what Julio’s chips are, well…I’m sorry for your loss.

Exercise–Elliptical, although this time I had the added benefit of wanting to take out some frustrations as well, so I increased the resistance level. I’m going to be sore in the morning.

Dinner–Chicken fajitas with fresh peach salsa. Sweet mercy.  Abby brought some peaches back from Canton and I diced them up (the ones that survived…they were so juicy they kind of disintegrated on the cutting board) with jalapeno, lime juice, red onion, and a bit of salt and cilantro. So. Good.

Dessert–I also made condensed milk caramel today, which was WAY easier than I expected and much more delicious, too.  Mom made chocolate cake cookies, we made caramel sandwiches, and then I gained all the weight back I lost from working out. Worth it.

Work tomorrow and (hopefully) a better soccer match than the junk Spain threw out there today.

Have a good one.

Day 533–Heaven’s On Fire

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: I don’t understand how anyone could look at Colorado and deny the existence of an intelligent Creator.  It breaks my heart to see it suffering right now from uncontrolled fires.  I don’t often do this, but pray for the citizens of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas…a lot of people are going to be affected by this, and many have already evacuated and lost things dear to them.  In my mind, heaven is on fire…they need rain badly.

On to happier things, my Gramps is here spending the week with us from Abilene.  It’s kind of a bummer that I have to work two of the nights he’s here, but any time we get to spend is sure to be awesome.  He’s one of the main sources of my love for food since he’ll eat anything.  I might be pickier than he is, but anyone who consistently keeps five types of Blue Bell on hand “just in case” is my hero.

Breakfast–Yeah…whoops.  I got distracted cleaning and messing around with job stuff/watching Marco Rubio on The Daily Show.  I heart TDS…I need to watch it more consistently.

Lunch–A sandwich with cajun turkey, bacon, bread and butter jalapenos (yep…they’re amazing), and some lettuce. And then I decided to be a little crazy before work so I had two Eggos with Nutella and sliced peaches.  It was incredible…I’m sad we’re out of Eggos. (And in case Mom is reading this, sorry we’re out of Eggos. Should have told you in person…not on a blog.)

Dinner–Steak bruschetta.  Thinly sliced filet with caramelized onions on crostini, or in layman’s terms, amazing deliciousness on toast. Good break from work.

Dessert–Part of a piece of caramel coconut pecan cake from Bonnie Ruth’s. The plan was to share it with Jessica at work, and then she decided not to help me eat it. Slacker.  So I brought it home and Abby ate some.

Shout out to Leah Bouteller, who is living my dream of interning in Colorado and making me intensely jealous with pictures and stories.  However, she has promised me video of a rain dance to try to save the wilderness, so it should even out in the end.

Have a good one.

Day 531–Insanity

Now, the fun part is that some of you clicked on this because you thought I was going to start doing the Insanity workouts.  Clearly, you have missed two important lessons: 1) Anything named “Insanity” is going to be inherently unpleasant and 2) I don’t like to make myself feel unpleasant.  So no, I’m not doing Insanity. Sorry to disappoint.

However, I am quite a fan of the definition of insanity that goes along the lines of “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  For more on that subject, wait until I talk about dinner.

Also, I listened to a Katy Perry song all the way through and didn’t want to drive into a light pole. This has me a bit worried.

Breakfast–Muffins…delicious muffins. Raspberry muffins from Bonnie Ruth’s are just too freaking delicious to pass up.

Lunch–Haha…silly lunch.  You’d best believe that in lieu of a real lunch I got some frozen yogurt from Velvet Spoon during my break today, and it was incredible. And unhealthy!  (For those keeping track, thats two sugary cupcake/muffins and fro-yo for my food today. Score.)

Dinner–Pei Wei…freaking Pei Wei. Every time I go to Pei Wei I end up sick, not because its bad food (it was great) but because my body is just not used to that much oil all at once.  So I feel bad, time passes, I forget, and then a couple of weeks later we’re back at Pei Wei. Fail Henderson…fail.  I had the Thai Dynamite chicken with brown rice and it was amazing.  They also now have one of those great touchscreen Coke machines with the different flavors, including my favorite Coke with lime.  Made me happy, at least until a couple of hours later.

So there you have it.  Work meeting tomorrow, hopefully some pool time (it got all toasty warm here in Texas), and maybe some insights into our future. Should be fun!

Have a good one.

Day 529–Day Off

Today was a great day, due to the fact that A) I didn’t go to work and therefore could relax all day and B) Everyone was finally home.  My mom had been in Abilene this week until last night, so it was good to have everyone back.

One of the great things about all four of us being home for dinner is that it gives me an opportunity to help out with the cooking and planning.  Therefore, today we spent time running some errands and picking up things for dinner, including a stop at Hirsch’s Meats, which might be carnivore heaven. Seriously.

The other great thing about a day off is that it gave me time to recharge, mentally and physically.  I tried to workout yesterday, made it about 6 minutes and quit from boredom and heavy legs.  A simple day off (yesterday…a six minute workout doesn’t count) and today I was good as new again.

Anyways…shopping for food, working out, and spending time in the pool. Great day.

Breakfast–A singular biscuit with jelly.  I grabbed a snack on the way out the door to begin our errand running, which also included taking Abby’s car to get serviced.  Cars are expensive.

Lunch–Taco Bell. The fresco menu at Taco Bell is a dieter’s best friend (except for sodium levels…) in that I got five tacos (I only ordered 4…they were struggling mightily) and it was under 600 calories. Score.

Dinner–Pasta, just like…well, just like I used to make it.  Sauteed onions, peppers, and zucchini with a bit of balsamic, grilled sausage from Hirsch’s, and some rigatoni.  No sauce, just spicy, garlicky oil. It was absolutely amazing.

Dessert–Dried apricots dipped in dark chocolate.  Got around 20 apricots for less than a dollar and a half at Market Street.  In fact, all of dinner was less than 20 dollars for four people. Not bad at all.

Work tomorrow, more soccer (Vive la France!), and freakishly warm weather here in Texas…triple digits are coming.

Have a good one.

Day 527–Marathon Man

This might win the award for most deceiving title ever.  I’m not running a marathon, nor will I ever run a marathon.  I get bored too easily, and running is the worst. But I have been reminded recently that this weight loss thingy (yep…technical term. Thingy.) is most certainly a marathon and not a sprint.

Even after working out a lot, eating pretty well, working a lot (and therefore being on my feet as opposed to sitting on my rump) I’m only at 216.4. Granted, that’s still a pound to a pound and a half in a week, but its hard when you want it to melt off so much faster.  But, baby steps prevail; I’m still down four pounds since getting back from Israel and I at least feel more toned and like I’m getting slimmer.

On a completely unrelated note, I rewatched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 today while working out. Great movie…I’m glad that happened at a time when I could appreciate it.

Breakfast–Wafflewich!  Peanut butter, cherry preserves, and two waffles turned into one great pre-workout breakfast.

Exercise–Twenty minutes on the elliptical.  I have to admit, I slept in because Katey, my cousin, was here Monday night and we stayed up ridiculously late so its thrown my sleep schedule.  Totally worth it though…she’s the best.  Anyways, I slept in, ate breakfast, then didn’t really wait long enough before working out so my legs felt kinda heavy and it was a suck workout. I slogged through it though.

Lunch–Leftover steak and asparagus from Lonesome Dove, sauteed onions and jalapeno slices, and two eggs with some tomatillo salsa from Torchy’s.  Wow it was good…made me sad there isn’t more.

Dinner–Because of the wonky schedule today and the fact I worked tonight, dinner kinda didn’t happen.  I wasn’t hungry after that massive lunch, so I just had a cherry limeade courtesy of my lovely and magnificent wife. Winner.

So there you have it.  Another day of work tomorrow, and hopefully some pool time since its supposed to get hot. Have a good one.

Day 524–Fathers’ Day

My apologies for the lack of postage last night.  I worked a majority of the day so I was a bit fatigued, but I can tell you there was sushi involved…delicious sushi.

Today we celebrated Fathers’ Day the best way we know how–with gluttonous food. I worked all afternoon so that one of the guys could spend Fathers’ Day with his family, but before and after we did it big.

And then, you know, we watched golf. It was exciting…

Breakfast–Bonnie Ruth’s brunch…oh how I’ve missed thee.  All you can eat goodness is hard to pass up.  I had some caramel french toast, breakfast potatoes, sausage, and then chocolate cake. Yes, you read that right, CHOCOLATE CAKE for breakfast. Awesomeness.

Snack–I suppose while at work I should have done something, but I wasn’t all that hungry so I didn’t.  Whoops?

Dinner–Steak bruschetta.  Marinated and roasted filet, sliced thinly and placed on top of crostini with caramelized onions.  Abby’s and Dad’s had goat cheese, which I of course abstained from.  We also had roasted potatoes and salad.  It was Dad’s request, and he did a great job of selecting…I’m just glad I was along for the ride.

Dessert–Pot de creme, also per the request of Dad.  It was fantastic, and in small servings, so even better.

Tomorrow we have the first ever Oil & Vinegar staff meeting (…) and hopefully some pool time and working out.

Have a good one.