Tonight as I took my family out to dinner with no concerns as to how I was going to pay for it, as I bought clean, comfortable diapers and new snacks for my kids, as I turned my heater up a couple of degrees because it was cold, and as I crawled into my comfortable bed, I shed a few tears with my wife over the disaster currently repeating itself in airports, homes, and refugee camps across the globe. 

Its very easy to get upset over the worldwide injustices broadcast and mocked all over my social media platforms and news channels. Its a lot harder to routinely muster the empathy necessary to realize this world is always broken, and while not every day professors from American universities get deported off of planes for having the audacity to visit home (how dare they!), every day people suffer in refugee camps, in war torn countries, in poverty stricken areas, and right down the highway from my house. 

There is poverty in Meadows Place. There are refugees in Houston in desperate need of help and friendship. The Super Bowl, that bastion of American Americanism, is also a hotbed of sex trafficking that some metropolitan area willingly brings upon itself every February. This year Houston gets the stain. And yet…where’s the daily outrage? Where’s the Twitter explosion? Where are the daily tears?

I will hug my children a little tighter because of this. I will respect those with differences a little more because of this. I will look longingly towards a different political climate because of this.

But if I do not get up every day and try to make a difference in this world, then who cares. We should be rocked by the injustices of this world on a daily basis, not become numb to them. We should fight those who seek to deny rights to others constantly, not just when Twitter tells us to do it. When Jesus tells us to pick up a cross and follow Him, He asks us to fight alongside Him for the Kingdom we claim to belong to. That Kingdom has no immigration law, has no poverty, has no hunger or sadness or death. 

“I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” John 10:28