Day 400–Happy Valentines Day

Today was EXCELLENT.  I hope yours has been just as wonderful.

I woke up a bit earlier than normal today for the purpose of doing a little work before I went up to Allen/wasn’t sure when I was supposed to go up to Allen, failed at the actual getting out of bed part due to lovely sinus problems, got to Allen and proceeded to make a gigantic mess creating Raspberry Twix bars (they’re just as good as they sound) and then came home and proceeded to make a gigantic mess creating Valentines’ dinner for my family.  Good times had by all.

My class is humming along nicely, although everyone else appears to be on a different schedule than I am, which can’t really be helped since I work Wednesdays and not on Tuesdays.  If they respond on Wednesday, they wait. It happens.

The information both of you (I’m assuming my shoddy blogging record has reduced my readership to next to nothing) actually care about is this: at weigh in this morning, I was at 217.4 lbs.  That means in order for #215by219 to happen we need 2.4 pounds of loss in 5 days.  That’s probably unhealthy.  Therefore, short of completely admitting defeat, I’m going to go ahead and say 217??! REALLY?! Thats 30 pounds!  That’s one wicked birthday present. (Oh yeah…I turn 27 on Sunday in case you missed the whole reason behind #215by219.)

Breakfast–Frosted Mini Wheats.  Yes, I attempted to pad my numbers by drinking a ton of water and eating straight fiber before weigh-in. Got a problem with that?

Lunch–Hahahaha…oh jeez.  So I got to Allen and Jordan was working on ServSafe stuff and Sheila was teaching, so I just started puttering around.  Ended up making one of the desserts for my catering debut next week, but it wasn’t pretty.  Sugar shortbread, raspberry caramel, and a dark chocolate topping.  It was WONDERFUL…after I roasted the first batch of caramel and figured out how to use industrial kitchen implements to make a “homemade” dessert.  I also ended up tasting it…a lot. Too. Much. Sugar.  So I had a ham and jalapeno sandwich toasted on the griddle.  Good times.

Valentines Dinner–(This is why you should be jealous.)  Two seared scallops in a sweet and spicy soy-ginger broth, a pear and proscuitto salad with lime-apple dressing, and homemade peppercorn tenderloin and roasted sweet potatoes.  And yes, all three courses were just as incredible as they sound.

Dessert–So I might need to lose more than 2.4 after tonight…worth it.  Mom’s pots de creme with an almond whipped cream. Amazing.

So today I made a new dessert, invented an appetizer, found a great specialty meats place in Plano, and discovered that eating sticky caramel with facial hair sucks. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours…remember you are always loved.



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