Day 68–Fire!

Part of my summer duties last year dealt with the Sugar Land Fire Marshal’s office. They come and inspect various parts of the building to check on being up to code: fire extinguishers and outlets and emergency lighting and blah blah blah. Last year was kind of nuts…broken outlets, wiring running through drop ceilings, expired extinguishers (and extinguishers stashed back in cabinets out of mind and sight) so there were tons of repairs. This year, I was expecting a bit more of the same, because of the ten rooms we have downstairs, 7 of them had “infractions” according to last year. 

Ignored them all. All of them.

This year was all about cutting the power to the building to check emergency backups. Turns out, no one really knows how to cut power to the building. Not completely at least. I know all about getting the power back on, but killing it? Not a clue. So after some finagling and eventually throwing every breaker we could find, we got 95% of the building off. Still couldn’t get some of the lights and exit signs to go off…which is weird.  What are they wired to? Where is that breaker box? Hidden in the department head office? Strange days. But we’re going to pass, so that’s a good thing. I did my yearly duty of making sure things don’t burn down. Go me.

As for eating well…lets just say calories aren’t burning there like I’d want. Some of it is straight willpower, or lack thereof. Some of it I think is plateauing without heavy workouts. Some of it is Houston being HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT and exercising trying to kill you. It’s all combining to a lack of progress, but it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Breakfast–Multi-V Cherry Goodness. It’s good there’s fiber in this and it’s relatively low calorie, because…

Lunch–Freddy’s with Papa Fraser. Had a burger and fries. And custard. Because it’s Freddy’s.

Dinner–Fat Bao! Avocado chips and Fat Fries. And my parents are here, so great company! 

Food win, weight loss fail, try again tomorrow.

Have a good one.


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