Day 49–Jinx

So…how ’bout them Rangers? It’s officially reached comical levels when the Rangers play the Astros at the BPIA. Homers, misplayed balls, pitchers getting out of impossible jams…I almost feel bad for them. Almost. But then I look at the standings and I feel better about myself. (But seriously…I think the same person in charge of praying for rain seems to be against the Astros. Or Houston in general.)

In other jinxing news, Declan has strep. Unfortunately, I called it a couple of days ago…kinda wish I was wrong on this one. But antibiotics and some cuddles with Kappy will get him back up and running soon! Obviously, all of the adults could use some prayers–Kappy, Abby, and I have all spent a lot of time with the patient, so we’re at risk. And Abby is at high risk being all preggers and whatnot. So hopefully we get through this unscathed!

Breakfast–Multi V Goodness. I’m running low on supplies of that…which is a shame, because its so much fiber and belly-filling goodness.

Lunch–I ended up working through lunch, so I had one of those handy GoPicnic! packs. Plantain chips, an edamame seed blend, ginger fruit and nut mix, and an apricot fruit snack. Hooray!

Dinner–Bowls of awesomeness. Roasted butternut squash, chorizo, rice, and avocado, topped with quick pickled onions and mango salsa. I had two. Because I can.

That’s about it. Pray for my boy, pray for us, and as always,

Have a good one.



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