Day 44–Abilene

We spent some time going over it, and I think this last weekend was one of maybe three times in the last six years I’ve been to Abilene for something that wasn’t a funeral or class. That’s an incredibly long time for such an incredibly important place in my life, and it honestly tarnishes my memories a bit. Just as I will always equate Fayetteville, Arkansas with death, Abilene was quickly falling down a path with no redemption in sight…and then Memorial Day happened.

It was such a great trip!

Getting to see family, watching Declan interact with Evie, eating Abilene food (too much of it, but whatcha gonna do?), even running into friends by crazy random happenstance…it had it all. I definitely wasn’t eating healthy–it rained a bunch, and the “hotspots” in Abilene (no pun intended and shoutout to Los Arcos…I miss you) are all BBQ and Mexican food–but it was good for the soul, and being completely healthy means mind and body. I got to spend some time with my remaining grandparents, hung out with Tyler Barnett one night (dude’s going to India…how awesome is that?), and the pace of life in Abilene is magical. No traffic, no hectic schedules, no craziness. I’m happy to include it in the list of places I call home.

As for food, here’s what yesterday looked like, which I think is technically day 43 (BT):

Breakfast–Three egg omelet with sautéed peppers and onions.

Lunch–FAT BAO. I missed it. Went to lunch with Jason Notoras and Joel and was able to just have some guy time, which has been sorely lacking in the office since some people decided to bail on me. And of course, Fat Fries are delicious.

Dinner–Sausage, roasted onions, and roasted kabocha squash. It’s trumpeted as sweeter than butternut, and maybe I got a starchy one, but it didn’t live up to the billing. Really good and super filling though.

Hopefully I can get back in the groove, and hopefully Houston won’t float away. Pray for those affected by flooding.

Have a good one.


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