Day 36–Trivia Night

Guys’ Night has become a monthly tradition for my friend group, and each month we try to do something a little different. This month we had the brilliant idea to do a trivia night, which feeds right into my status as a gigantic nerd. Apparently, its really hard to play trivia at a location thats closed for remodeling. But God clearly had a plan, because by the time we all went home from our backup plan, my face hurt from laughing so hard. And there was definitely some trivia involved, ranging from pigeons and doves to Curtis Martin to tube socks. Good times had by all, except for my waistline.

If I have a weakness, its that there are certain foods that I can’t pass up. Good pizza, certain chocolate desserts, Fat Bao, and wings. So when the plan changed last night and we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings, even after I had already eaten something for dinner, I knew I was in trouble. But man was it delicious.

Breakfast–I had one of those Go Picnic boxes. Seriously people, these are great for desk food items. Low calorie, well thought out with grains and proteins and healthy fats, and they stick with you.

Lunch–Freebirds with Abby and Dex. I had a chicken burrito bowl: cilantro-lime rice, black beans, guacamole, chicken, corn salsa, habanero salsa, lettuce, and cilantro. Good food, better company.

Dinner #1–PB&J. I tried to be good.

Dinner #2–Wings! All the wings!

So, good night…bad food choices. So much for moving forward eh? The good news: today is another chance to try again. Its a marathon, not a sprint, regardless of how quickly I dropped those first few pounds. And bad days happen…I just can’t let it get me down.

Have a good one.


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