Day 31–Inconsistencies

I could say there are reasons I haven’t posted, but honestly I just forgot most of the time. I’ve been sick, I hung out with Kyle, I finished up the semester…lots going on. Still should have found ten minutes to write out my day. Oh well.

Since its 9 am and there isn’t really a day to report on yet, here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve eaten recently:

–Lots of Cane’s. They gave us all free Box Combo cards at school, so it’s been the group lunch of choice.

–A Dr Pepper and some Reese’s, courtesy of Keller Cox. It’s amazing how when you cut things out, the foods that are really “worth it” (the ones you actually want to eat) taste so much better. The weekly Dr Pepper has become even better, and because of that it’s easier to make it through the whole week without a bunch of them. And as for my first Reese’s in a month…wow.

–Sandwiches and other assorted snackery. Part of getting my semi-annual sinus infection is that food tastes more blah. So it’s been pretty plain…PB&J, apples and Nutella, etc.

That’s about it. Graduation tomorrow, Kappy’s coming (yay!) to be with Dex, and then summer starts in full swing.

Have a good one. 


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