Day 28–Anniversary

My how things have changed. Seven years ago today, Abby and I were married. We had a lovely ceremony, surrounded by great friends and family, then headed to Colorado.

This go around, Declan has an ear infection so Abby ended up having to hold him as he slept all night. I took off work to take him to the doctor, he’s now on antibiotics, Abby worked all day and then did prenatal yoga, and we watched old episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun before going to bed at a reasonable hour.

And I wouldn’t trade any of it. If the first seven have been this amazing, I can’t wait to see what the next 70 holds! 

Breakfast–Chocolate Chunk scone from Whole Foods, because anniversary. It was…meh.

Lunch–An open-faced BLS sandwich. That would be bacon, lettuce, and some pineapple mango salsa, because tomatoes are ew. On a thick slab of country bread, it was really good…the acid from the salsa cut the bacon, the sweetness of the pineapple cut salty, the bread was nice and toasty. I’m a fan.

Dinner–Roasted pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes and broccoli. Last night we had full out anniversary dinner–filet, roasted potatoes, etc. Tonight was just supposed to be good, and it was. Penzey’s jerk seasoning pretty much goes on everything.

Dessert–Part of a Chocolove Cherry Dark Chocolate bar. One of the best chocolate bars I’ve ever had.

Last day of school tomorrow, complete with grading 28, 120-question finals and graduation rehearsal. Oh boy.

Have a good one!


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