Day 26–I’m Bad At This

Apparently getting back into the groove of eating better is easier than getting back into the groove of posting every day. I’ve been pretty good at the former and terrible at the latter. The good news is that today is finals, so I’ve had some time to knock stuff off the to-do list…so here we go.

We had a really good message yesterday at Crossbridge. The general idea was that talking about change is important…making that change is more important. Talking about being a Christian is fine, but if you don’t back it up with action, who cares? To that end, they had some files from Compassion International on hand, so that if we were pushed to action, we had the ability right then to act upon it.

Abby and I did not sponsor a child. We talked about it, and decided that our time/effort/funds should be used elsewhere. Not a knock on Compassion, just not something we felt God pushing us to do. The good news is that there are a bajillion other places to make a difference in this world, like Feed My Starving Children or Covenant House here in Houston, where we will be putting our money where our mouth is. As I’ve said before:

Do something. Anything. Make a difference.

Breakfast–Um…I think I had a Larabar? That was the good breakfast. The bad breakfast was five donut holes in youth group. The Larabar had 200 calories, the donut holes had 260. Guess which one was a better choice?

Lunch–Lupe! Shrimp fajitas. So so good.

Dinner–Rudy’s BBQ. I had a half turkey/half brisket baked potato. And then chocolate pudding because why not? Rudy’s sauce (or sause as they say) is magical.

Still made it under my calorie goal, but not by much. Yesterday was a bit of a splurge day all around. This week will be better, because that suit needs to fit on Saturday!

Have a good one.


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