Day 25–Happy Birthday Mom!

I didn’t post last night because I was helping Fraser pack up his house until like midnight and I didn’t have the brain power left to compose a coherent blog. Moving with kids is apparently quite different than moving without them. Shocker, I know. It was still good to hang out and listen to some awesome early 2000’s music…not a shabby way to spend a Friday.

School is essentially over now, with the exception of finals this week. Thus we begin shutting down this year and beginning preparations for the next one. This will be the first time I do it (relatively) on my own, so that should be interesting, to say the least. But we’ve got an incredible team and I know we’ll get it all done!

And as the title says–Happy Birthday to my mom. I love you!

Breakfast–In celebration of school ending, I popped a couple of bite-sized macaroons on the way out the door to REI. I needed to get some new shorts because the ones I bought like two weeks ago don’t fit. I’m down to 256.8 lbs, which means I’m almost down 10 pounds in three and a half weeks. Score.

Lunch–Mexican rice bowl. A small amount of chorizo, a lot of sautéed veggies, and some rice, topped with pineapple mango habanero salsa from Whole Foods. Really good stuff.

Snack–SPLURGE ALERT–Since it’s Saturday and I hadn’t really splurged yet this week, I had a red velvet Nothing Bundt Cake bundtlet. It. Was. Awesome.

Dinner–Breakfast casserole. A bit of chorizo, a bit of maple blueberry pan sausage, some sautéed onion, eggs and biscuits. We once again had a flood warning tonight, so we went with the comfort food option for the evening.

Church tomorrow, and then finals/grades/graduation next week. Then summer!

Have a good one.


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