Day 23–Skipper

No idea why I didn’t post yesterday. Thought about it last night and then didn’t realize I’d forgotten until this evening. Yesterday was even a good day too…had some fun at school, met the ladies that run Mystic Dessert Bar, ate really well. Just never got around to it. Oh well.

Today was the last day of Elementary. No more carpool, no more morning announcements, no more lunch duty, but also no more sweet kids and great parents. I’ll enjoy having some free time, but I’ll definitely miss being around them every week. It’s always weird for me when Elementary ends, because I still have class tomorrow, Finals next week, and summer work to do. So they’re all excited about the “end of school” and I can’t relate to that at all anymore. Today was also strange weather, my dad was in town for a meeting but we didn’t have a chance to see him, Declan is transitioning into an older class at school, and this morning there was a brief period of time where I think I was in charge. But we all survived…so hooray!

I also didn’t eat exceptionally well. Whoops.

Breakfast–Chick Fil A chicken minis to celebrate the aforementioned “end of school.” I also got a lemonade because I’m an idiot with short term memory issues, apparently.

Lunch–I drank the rest of my Multi-V juice, and it actually tided me over almost until dinner. So good work Cherry Goodness!

Snack–Since I’d already doubled my recommended sugar intake by 4 today, my snack was a couple of pieces of watermelon. Still sugary, but it’s fruit so it’s okay?

Dinner–Hot dogs for the wifey. I had three dogs and sautéed onions and peppers. This pushed me over my calorie limit, but it also filled me up where I didn’t eat junk all night.

Last day of Secondary tomorrow before finals, and homemade ice cream for our gala auction winners. Hooray for ice cream!

Have a good one.


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