Day 20–New Groove

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who commented, texted, found me in person, or privately prayed for me. Yesterday was a much, much better day, and I know it wasn’t solely through the power of positive thinking. I appreciate the help and support.

I think watching The Emperor’s New Groove makes any day better. Last year I was flabbergasted to find out that some, if not most, of my 8th graders had never seen that movie. As it currently stands as the funniest Disney movie, this was an injustice that could not persist. Therefore its my new tradition to show ENG during Dead Week after we study for the day. It definitely had the desired effect: the kids that haven’t seen it were enraptured, and even those who are “too cool” for Disney movies (newsflash: NOT A THING. You are never too cool for Disney) eventually found themselves sucked in. It’s brilliant! Brilliant I tell you!

I definitely know what it feels like to have one’s groove thrown off (#BewareTheGroove), but its interesting to consciously work on getting it back on track. Making good choices, not only for my physical health but mental health, is a time consuming but rewarding task. And yes, its only been one day. But one is better than nothing!

We also planted more stuff in our backyard. A mosquito repellant and some herbs around the lemon tree. So I’ll provide updates as they come.

Breakfast–Two Eggo Cinnamon Toast Waffles. Underrated product right there, even if its not the healthiest of choices. Although, oddly, two Eggos usually have fewer calories than two slices of bread, obviously depending on the Eggo and the bread.

Lunch–SOLIZ!! The ultimate Casa de tacos. Three chorizo and potato burritos and some guac. Its not La Popular…but its pretty darn close.

Dinner–After the planting of the herbs, I used some of the fresh basil and lemon basil in a quick pasta dish. Whole wheat spaghetti, some caramelized onion, butter beans, the aforementioned herbs, and garlic. Good stuff.

I get to be the interviewer in a job interview today. What has this world come to?

Have a good one.

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