Day 19–Depressed

I think I suffer from depression. I don’t know if it’s related to stress, different diet, to electronics use, to barometric pressure, to unfulfilled wanderlust…it could be any of a hundred different things. A lot of people at school have asked me over the last week or so if I’m okay after seeing me at my desk or in the halls, and honestly? I don’t know. I mentally feel foggy, I physically feel fine, and I guess I emotionally feel numb. So if you’ve had an interaction with me in the last week or two and came away from it offended or feeling like my mind wasn’t really in it, I apologize for the offense and you’re probably right. 

Not your typical Mother’s Day post eh? I will readily admit I messed up Mother’s Day. I think, or at least I hope, Abby had a great time with Declan. They laughed, they played, they spent a LOT of time together, which is what she misses out on the most over the week at work. I, on the other hand, made a mess of things by not being able to keep my mouth shut and because my attitude has been terrible. It’s one thing for me to be miserable, but another thing entirely when I start adversely affecting others. So again, to Abby and to everyone else, I’m sorry.

I’m working on it.
Breakfast–A cup of juice before church and a couple of slices of banana bread at church.

Lunch–Bombay Pizza. We found the one restaurant on Mother’s Day with no crowd. As in, we were the only ones in the place for 3/4ths of our meal. I had a small Slumdog pizza–thin crust, pepperoni, chicken, ham, chorizo, sausage, red onion, and jalapeños. I also ate some of Declan’s sweet potato fries, because…well, they’re sweet potato fries.

Dinner–Here would be where the wheels fell off. I ended up having two PB&J sandwiches because it was a horrible evening.

So if you see Abby this week, please help make up for my mistakes by being extra nice to her. And if you see me this week and I seem off, say a little silent prayer for me. 

Have a good one.

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