Day 18–Boys of Summer

I have this lemon tree that I bought on a whim last summer sitting in our backyard. In theory, it will give me wonderful citrus that I’ll use in all my dishes and make lemonade and lemon bars and everyone will happy. In practice, it’s had a rough life so far. I bought it shortly before the Memorial Day floods last year, so it drowned, and then it suffered through the relative drought that followed. Basically, I soaked it in water, then let it dry out for a very long time. Against all odds though, it’s still alive, and still producing flowers, but no fruit.

In an effort to change that, while Declan and I were running around in the backyard, I decided to plant it near our back fence to get more nutrients and more sun. Unbeknownst to me, our lawn is apparently bulletproof. At one point I was using the shovel like an axe to try to hack through the turf, and having zero success. Thankfully my brilliant wife was home and she suggested soaking the lawn to try to loosen it up a bit. This ended up serving two purposes: One, I finally got the turf up, the clay/dirt moved, and the tree planted, and Two, Declan got to play with the hose.

I think it’s a rite of passage to play in the hose during summer. It must be done. So when I was watering, Declan kept creeping closer and closer to me, until finally he walked straight into the path of the water, where he proceeded to clap and yell and splash and giggle and have an amazing time. The pictures are unreal…it’s an image of pure joy. After I was done with the hose, he picked it up and carried it around the backyard so he could play with it more. By the end, the tree was planted and he was very cold, very wet, very tired, and very happy. A good day indeed.

Breakfast–I’ve been trying to up my fiber intake, so I drank two cups of Bolthouse Farms Multi-V Cherry Goodness. There’s a lot of sugar, but more than 100% of the RDA for fiber. Thankfully, as I said above, I moved around a lot today so the sugar didn’t matter too much.

Lunch–Chick Fil A, spicy chicken sandwich and superfood side. We went to REI to exchange some stuff, and while there we had a bit of a diaper incident with no spares. My fault for not checking the stock before we left. It threw off my lunch plans a bit, so Chick Fil A was the default.

Dinner–A bit of a hodgepodge here. I had the rest of the bottle of juice from above, and half an apple with some peanut butter. ‘Twas very very good. We also (finally) watched the Sherlock Christmas special. It was super weird, kind of slow, but I appreciated the idea, the easter eggs, and the setup for the next season. And more Moriarty is always a good thing.

Mother’s Day tomorrow. Thankfully I have a close association with four of the best: My own mother, my sister, my mother-in-law, and of course, Abby. Watching her play with Declan is almost a Mother’s Day present for me…it makes my heart happy.

Have a good one.

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