Day 17–Tom Haverford

I have a bad tendency to medicate with food. Rough day? Eat something ridiculous. Great day? Celebrate with food! Stressed? Cope with food! Survived a really weird week AND have dinner with friends? #TreatYoSelf.

It’s not a healthy habit, and it’s certainly not a great idea when I have to fit into a suit for graduation. (Yeah, that was a fun surprise…I get to be on stage for graduation this year. That’s going to cut down on my fidgeting and my snarky comments drastically.) One of the hardest parts of this, and one of the most difficult times to exercise willpower, is whenever things just don’t go smoothly. So I had two “doses of medication” today…one planned, and one not. Guess which one got me in trouble?

Breakfast–Two blueberry Eggos. It’s too easy to do this for me to change to anything else. 

Lunch–Here’s the planned deviation. Fat Bao is just ridiculously good, and I wanted something that was kind of a luxury, so I went with the bulgogi fat fries and some avocado chips. Side note: It’s hard to track calories at local restaurants with no nutrition info. Kinda have to just make stuff up as I go.

Dinner–Zoe’s Kitchen with Griffin and Lisa. There’s a small chance Declan likes Griffin more than me…not quite sure what’s going on there. But anything that makes my boy happy, makes me happy. I had the steak kabobs with the grilled potatoes and roasted vegetables.

Dessert–Unplanned deviation! We went for a walk around Town Center (good thing) and unfortunately made our way to Ben & Jerry’s (bad thing). I had a small cup with Phish Food and chocolate peanut butter swirl. It was so so good…and so so not in the calorie plan for today. Or the sugar plan. Or the fat plan. So whoops.

I’m thinking Dex and I will head to REI tomorrow to return some shirts I got and don’t like. So that’ll be…interesting.

Have a good one.


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