Day 16–Cloned

Thursday was better than Wednesday. Thank the Lord.

I was actually able to accomplish some things, and we didn’t really have any huge incidents at school. Those poor elementary kids are two days from freedom now, so I don’t blame them for being a bit insane. I just appreciate that they seem to be able to rein in the crazy when needed.

I was also paid a massive, massive compliment by a parent today. She came and found me during carpool to tell me how much her son enjoys my class, which in itself is not uncommon. My class is equal parts interesting, hilarious, and relaxing if I’m on my game, so most kids enjoy it. (Whether or not they learn science is probably debatable, but I also tell them the first day of class that’s not my top goal, so there you go.) No, the compliment came towards the end of our chat when she said “I think education needs to clone guys like you.”

Now, my first reaction there was self-deprecation, because that’s what I do. It was honest though, in that I think my parents, wife, sister, and friends would all run screaming into the hills if there was more than one of me. Heck, I think I’d run screaming if there was more than one of me. That’s horrifying.

It doesn’t change the fact that, after yesterday’s hot mess, I badly needed a shot in the arm to get me through the last week and a half, and being told in complete sincerity that the world would be a better place with more than one of me is pretty high praise. So thank you…I really needed that.

Breakfast–Two regular Eggos with peanut butter. Declan decided to bail out of his chair during breakfast this morning and hit the tile with a sickening thud, so that put a damper on the morning. Thankfully he’s fine with nary a bruise on him, but my heart skipped a beat or two there. Silly little man.

Snack–Fiber One bar. MyFitnessPal lets me check nutrients as well, and I’ve been badly lacking on fiber recently. Therefore today was “Eat Fiber/Drink Water” day. Successful…I may not have hit the recommended 8 glasses of water, but I got close. And I hit my fiber goal.

Lunch–Potbelly sandwiches. Had a clubby with no cheese and no dressing, and I didn’t even need to eat the chips the lady was nice enough to give me for free. I resisted chips. This is huge.

Dinner–Chipotle after Abby returned from prenatal yoga. I had a chicken burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, red peppers and onions, lettuce, guac, corn, and medium salsa. And it was awesome. (Resisted chips here too. Abby got some and I stayed away. Boom.)

The scale tonight, after eating all day, showed me a number in the 250’s. So yeah…it was a good day. And as for tomorrow…

Have a good one.


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