Day 15–Monesday

I see you there Wednesday, sitting around, acting all innocent like Hump Day is a good thing. We all know your secret: for today, you are Monday in disguise. Deception is unbecoming of you…do better next week.

I had one of the crazier 5 hour segments of my life today, and there wasn’t really a thing I could do to make any of it better. I don’t mind to do lists…in fact, I don’t even mind long to do lists. I just want to actually, you know, DO the things on the list. Today it seemed like everything piled up and I was incapable of finishing any of it, like a hydra comprised of menial tasks and legitimate chaos all intertwined. (Yes, that was a Greek mythology reference. You’re welcome.)

I fully expect tomorrow to be better, because after all, I’ve got Jesus and that’s reason enough to be optimistic. So putting my faith in Him, here’s to Thursday…which better not be another Monday.

Breakfast–Two blueberry Eggos and a banana on the way out the door this morning. Declan totally rocked the big boy bed last night, so much so that he slept in a bit and made me want to be late to work. He’s a giant bad influence for one so tiny.

Snack–Curate bar in class. Stave off the crash, stave off the munchies.

Lunch–Abby’s car battery decided to go into the great voltaic beyond, so we needed to try to replace it. Now, I love her VW and think it’s a great car. But man they make it hard to do any repairs on it yourself. Das auto is annoying. So I grabbed a new battery for her and then Cane’s on the way home, but I ate less than half of my fries and only three chicken fingers. So boo yah.

Dinner–Smashburger with the Frasers. Create your own burger with chipotle bun, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, pickles, cucumber, and grilled onions. Also had some sweet potato smashfries but Declan ate a lot of those. Good food, better company. Since it was gorgeous outside, we walked over to Town Center and let the kids run amok in the square. When Dex runs, his cheeks bounce up and down, and it makes him look like he’s constantly running through an earthquake in a disaster movie. High comedy.

No Mondays tomorrow. I repeat: NO. MONDAYS.

Have a good one.


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