Day 14–Big Boy Bed

Declan is in love. The problem is, it’s with a giant anthropomorphic mouse named Mickey. Every time he sees so much as a picture of Mr. Mouse, he goes bananas. So we decided to be awesome parents and get him a toddler bed…but not just any toddler bed. A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toddler bed. He was so excited he started crying and screaming because we couldn’t get it open fast enough for him. Or put together fast enough. Or let him help enough. 

There was a lot of crying and screaming. Some of it was Abby.

In the end, it’s put together, and he liked it so much he’s spending tonight in his new bed instead of the crib, completely unplanned. And the first hour and a half has gone swimmingly…he’s incredibly cute, and very content. 

So I guess this means we have a big boy now…but he’ll always be my little baby.

Breakfast–Two blueberry Nutrigrain Eggos with Good Spread peanut butter. Some of the guys I quasi-worked with in Colorado started a company where they sold peanut butter, and in return, the same amount of nutrient-packed food would be sent to those suffering from malnutrition. So if you have access to Good Spread peanut butter, or want to click Good Spread then you can buy some awesomeness and help a lot of people (and that link helps my school too. Win/Win/Win).

Lunch–Chick Fil A. 12 nuggets and the large Superfood side. I also had some odds and ends out of a GoPicnic kit I found at Target. Those things are awesome for a quick burst of healthy snack food. 

Snack–I had some blackberries with my little man. Solid afternoon activity.

Dinner–Pancakes and bacon. I’m going to commit to having pancakes once a week (if we can handle it) and put the money we would have spent towards Feed My Starving Children. We’ve committed a small amount every month, but I want to give more…I get straight up angry when I think about kids who don’t have anything to eat. I hate that we live in a world where this happens regularly, and I want to do whatever I can to make it better.

So that’s the rundown. Buy Good Spread, donate to Feed My Starving Children (, and make a difference in this world. And hug your little boys and girls because one day they crawl up in a real bed and sleep like its no big deal.

Have a good one. 

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