Day 12–Make Good Choices/Day 13–Splurge

Sorry about the whole “forgetting to blog” thing. Being on vacation melts one’s brain, as it should

Let’s play a little guessing game. We went to La Madeleine for dessert last night, and I looked up the calorie counts on five different options: the strawberry Napoleon, a slice of Sacher torte cake, lemon Madeleine cookies, a lemon tart, and a chocolate eclair. Now rank them from lowest calories to the most. I’ll wait.

Ready? No peeking first.

The lowest was the Madeleine cookie, but only by 10 calories over the chocolate eclair. Yes, the eclair only has 170 calories, and it was by far my first choice last night. However, they were out, so I went with option B, the torte, which also comes in third. The Napoleon is next, and dead last at a whopping 820 calories was the lemon tart. Kinda crazy right?

Researching things, putting forth effort, planning ahead…these are all crucial tools in losing weight. I just need to be more consistent with it all.

Also, Declan REALLY likes lemon tart. I’d assume Riley did too, since Abby ate it. Proof they are my kids!

Breakfast–Three small to medium sized blueberry pancakes, from scratch by mom. It’s okay to be jealous.

Lunch–Torchy’s tacos, in what turned out to be quite the experience. Apparently it’s an unwritten rule that Torchy’s must be delicious and have horrendous service. They ran out of highchairs (because, and I kid you not, someone stole a high chair from them), and then ran out of barbacoa. At noon. On a Sunday. I ended up with a Crossroads and a Brushfire and they were wonderful.

Dinner–Beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, and broccoli and cauliflower. It just tastes better when mom makes it. Better service than Torchy’s, that’s for sure.

Dessert–The aforementioned torte. Good cake. An eclair would have been better.

Have a good one.


Splurging is an interesting aspect of dieting. Without cheat days, people would likely go crazy. However, as I’ll prove shortly, it’s easy to go overboard. I’ve also found myself in a bit of a semantics issue with my rules: when do they actually reset? I get soda and dessert once a week, but does that mean every seven days without fail or once a calendar week? Like, if I have torte on Saturday (instead of the Sunday I actually had it on), must I wait until next Saturday or does it reset the next day? THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS PEOPLE, AND I HAVE NO ANSWERS.

I decree once a calendar week. If you disagree…come at me, bro.

Breakfast–Chick Fil A Chicken Minis. And this day started so promisingly.

Lunch–BBQ in Canton. Stopped by to see the Moores and Pa, and had some Backwoods BBQ while there. Chopped beef sandwich and beans for the win.

Snack–In order to keep myself sane while driving back, I nibbled on Haribo Twin Snakes gummy candies. Two thoughts here: Haribo is the best, hands down. They have great consistency and favors, and I’m rarely disappointed, if ever. Also, THAT IS A LOT OF SUGAR. Like…whoa. So I had more calories here than I did during breakfast or lunch. Combined.

Dinner–And then I splurged and the wheels fell off. We found Abby’s old piggy bank in Canton, and it contained a treasure trove of $28.37 worth of coins. After a trip to the Canton Coinstar in Walmart (wow…) we were the proud owners of a Chili’s gift card. As it just so happened, Chili’s was on our way home and Declan tried to bomb us out of the car with a diaper issue, so we called it fate and had dinner. I had the Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers, well aware that I did NOT have that many calories left. However, in contrast to my La Madeleine adventure, I wasn’t actually sure how many calories over this put me. 

A lot. The answer is a lot.

My calorie tracker, if it was sentient, would have tried to call 911 on me after today. It was bad. 

But, tomorrow is another shot at it, and I walked home from the park we went to after dinner just to give my stomach a chance to recover. So good choice was made.

Back to work tomorrow for Abby and me, and back to school for Dex.

Have a good one.


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