Day 11–Waffle Fries

Chick Fil A’s waffle fries are a thing of beauty. They may not have the cult following of McDonald’s fries, or the delicious ketchup compatibility of Whataburger, but they’re unique and they get the job done. One of the biggest changes I’ve tried to make has been either eating less of them or avoiding them altogether. Chick Fil A makes this easier than most places because of the options they have, whether its a fruit cup or soup or a side salad or their newest creation: superfood side. Its kale and broccolini with toasted nuts, dried cherries, and a maple vinaigrette. 

ITS SO GOOD.  Like, overwhelming good. And a large one is 170 calories. Huzzah!

So that’s going to be my new obsession. Be prepared.

Breakfast–Three slices of bacon and three eggs, in a quasi-omelet. Its lots of protein, which fills you up!

Lunch–Chick Fil A spicy chicken sandwich and a large superfood side. So good.

Dinner–Mi Cocina. I had an incident once at Mi Cocina where I ordered their street tacos, and then proceeded to die a little bit inside because it was so spicy. It went past the point of funny straight into “I might be needing medical attention if this continues.” So I order the tacos habana now (Cuban tacos), which is much less spicy and has a lot more flavor. 

The best part of dinner was Declan eating chips and salsa though. He dips anything and everything he can, so when he saw us eating salsa, he wanted to partake. And the first bite ended with him turning bright red, sticking his tongue out and yelling (not screaming, to his credit, but voicing distress. I feel you there buddy), and trying to claw everything off his tongue. AND THEN HE WENT BACK FOR MORE SALSA.  That’s my boy.

More vacation tomorrow. 

Have a good one.


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