Day 10–Rain Delay

That might have been the worst drive to Dallas I’ve ever had. Rain, traffic, unexpected detours…a gamut of terrible. And somehow we STILL made it in four hours. Apparently, when a terrible wreck pushes everyone off of 45 onto a side road, and then more than half of those people can’t/don’t check traffic to see that there are more wrecks on 45 higher up and they cut over in Buffalo, it allows for some WIDE OPEN ROADS. I may or may not have rewritten the speed limit for a while there.

The good part is that we made it to Dallas in one piece, where we promptly fell asleep. So no post last night, but this will make up for it.

Breakfast–Curate Chocolate Hazelnut bar and Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate bar in class. Yesterday was my calorie lab, where I have the students bring in their favorite food and then we figure out how much energy is in it, how many servings of that food you’d need in order to hit certainly calorie milestones. It was, as always, a lot of fun, but it also meant there were giant bags of gummy bears and cakes and candy all over the place. I resisted all temptation, with one exception.

Snack–Thursday I had a very weird craving for chocolate cake. One of my students brought in a homemade Texas sheet cake. The fates aligned, so let them eat cake. It was so so good, and he had to bring all the nutrition info with him to class, so I knew it would fit in my plan for the day.

Lunch–SUSHI. Tuna roll and cucumber avocado roll, with a container of blackberries as dessert. Seriously people…the Driscoll’s Seasons Finest blackberries will change your life. Find them if you can.

Dinner–Taco Bell before we got on the road. I had five tacos, fresco style (no cheese, plus pico de gallo). I know that seems like a lot, but it was also the last thing I ate all day, so it stayed with me for the entire driving ordeal. Success. I had a Dr Pepper too (SPLURGE ALERT) but I only drank half of it, and it was functional as much as anything. Stayed awake while driving, which is a win in my book.

Still under the calorie count for the day, and now we get to spend time with the grandparents. 

Have a good one. 

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