Day 9–Well, That Was Something

Today was a bit of an oddity. Crazy disciplinary situations, admissions meetings, a food fight started by the 6th graders, a 4th grader walking the halls as Principal For A Day (and gunning for my job by bringing donuts for the teachers), a tech rehearsal for our talent show on equipment I learned about on Tuesday, thermostats locked down by some mysterious security code that just appeared in our offices overnight…at least there was some consistency.

Jerry Jones outmaneuvered himself in the draft. Again. Being a Cowboys fan is rough with the Jones family prominently involved. I explained to Abby–by no means a slouch when it comes to sports, but not a diehard fan–why this was a bad decision and she said “Can we root for someone else?”

No honey, we can’t. Rules are rules, and Elliott might be really good. Just seems like he overthought this one. 

Just like Every. Other. Year.

Breakfast–Chick Fil A Chicken minis and a lemonade. The lemonade was overkill and unnecessary, not to mention a waste of calories. I thought it would be so satisfying…I was wrong.

Lunch–Part of the Principal for a Day gig involved lunch with yours truly, so we had Berryhill in the executive office. Two grilled fish tacos. They weren’t terrible?

Snack–Fiber One bar. Actually ate this before lunch, but they were all within an hour of each other, so who cares.

Dinner–Brinner! Also known as, cleaning out the fridge before Dallas! Two scrambled eggs, some Black Forest bacon from Whole Foods (sweet mercy that stuff is good), and a chocolate chocolate chip scone. I had a craving for chocolate cake, so this served a purpose.

Down five pounds! Woohoo! And Dallas tomorrow, where I’ll likely gain it all back. Whomp whomp.

Have a good one.

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