Day 8–Blame Griffin. And Chris Pratt.

I had every intention of blogging last night, but then we had Connexus at Crossbridge and I helped tear everything down afterwards, so I didn’t get home until relatively late, and then when I DID get home, Abby was watching Jurassic World. Dinosaurs man. So after all of that and getting Declan ready for school today, I put my head on my pillow and thought “I really need to blog…”

And then my alarm went off this morning. So there you go.

Breakfast–Nature Valley Dark Chocolate and Oats granola bars, and a Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate Chewy bar. The Kashi bar does an especially good job of absorbing liquid and making me feel full (hooray fiber!), so I made it unscathed through the morning.

Lunch–Checking the calories on items, and the corresponding nutrition info, is always enlightening. For instance, the “dinner” I’m about to tell you about is a nutritional disaster. This, oddly enough, wasn’t. Popeye’s spicy tenders–five of them for lots of protein and capsaicin, and fries. I ate half the fries and they overloaded me on tenders, so it actually worked out better than usual.

Snack–I ate an apple on the way to Crossbridge. Thankfully, because…

Dinner–Dinner at Connexus was Pizza Hut and Oreos. I splurged a bit on the Oreos, because they had Peanut Butter Oreos and I couldn’t NOT eat Peanut Butter Oreos, but dear sweet mercy Pizza makes a disgusting product. ONE SLICE of pepperoni pizza was 300 calories. And totally not worth it. Calorie density/calorie value is a real thing. 300 calories is the same all day long, but where you get that 300 is hugely important, something I’ve lost sight of over the last year or two.

Bro time with Dex tonight while Abby does her hippie prenatal yoga. (Hippie autocorrected to hippo the first time. There would have been a couch in my future for that one.)

Have a good one.

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