Day 7–Progress

I’m not being very consistent with my weigh-ins. The scale resides in the other part of the house, so instead of a daily reminder like last time, it’s more of a “oh hey, there’s that thing” every once in a while. I vary when, I vary what I’m wearing, I vary whether I just ate or not…so it’s not super helpful yet. But the one thing I can confirm is that the numbers–even as they jump around–are lower than they were a week ago. So progress is being made.

I can also tell progress is happening by my appetite. I’m still hungry, but it’s not the dominating “FEED ME” of before. Although, in the effort of full disclosure, tonight I wanted wings or a Whataburger. I resisted, but it was a weird enough day that the old habits of pacifying through food came back strong. My calorie intake for the day was way lower than normal, and I feel fine. Maybe my stomach is starting the process of shrinking back to normal human sizes?

Breakfast–Totally messed up on breakfast. Had plans to do one thing, forgot, then was going to grab something before school, got sidetracked, and about 9 I thought to myself “I don’t feel right…oh yeah! Food!” So I had a GoPicnic box. Very cool little thing we got at Target. Sun butter and crackers, applesauce, a fruit snack thingy, and some vegan chocolate chip cookies. I tossed the cookies (because why?!!) and only ate half the crackers.

Lunch–Murphy’s Deli. Turkey sub with lettuce, bacon, and green pepper and half a bag of BBQ chips. Murphy’s is…meh.

Snack–Some fruit with my boy. Sitting around, watching Disney Jr., munching on blackberries and raspberries. Solid way to spend an afternoon.

Dinner–Had another bowl of cereal. Nothing sounded great but I knew I needed to eat, so I fed my sweet tooth.

Connexus tomorrow night at Crossbridge! Although I’m not sure about the food choices there…

Have a good one.


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