Day 6–I’m Already Tired

This is going to be a gnarly week. I’ve got something going on every night, from NHS inductions tonight (shout out to the six new members and the departing seniors) to driving to Dallas Friday night. My first priority is to make sure I get time with Declan, and I suppose I need to sleep. And somewhere in between there’s time to exercise and get ready for the next day and all that jazz. Right? There’s room to do it all?

Breakfast–Cherry Larabar and some dried apricots. High in natural sugars, but also high in fiber. I was pretty satisfied.

Lunch–Freebirds, although I behaved myself. Burrito bowl with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, white meat chicken, lettuce, cilantro, corn, and guacamole. Should have gotten my habanero salsa but I forgot. Oh well.

Snack–Dark Chocolate Nature Valley bars around 2 and then peanut butter and celery around 5. 

Dinner–Scrambled eggs with sriracha, spinach and arugula, and crumbled bacon.

Dinner Part 2–A bowl of Chocolate Lucky Charms. I had some calories leftover, and since starvation mode is frowned upon, I had a bowl of cereal. Yes, it’s a lot of sugar. But they’re also surprisingly filling. And finishing them off gets the box out of the house, so it’s a win/win.

Pray for my friend Kym. She had surgery today and we want a speedy and full recovery!

Have a good one.


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