Day 5–Surprise, It Rained

Apparently that’s what Houston does now. It gets hot, humid, and then floods. The tourism board should be all over that for a slogan. I truly hope everyone was okay after today’s showers, and that any damage was minimal and easily fixed. Been a rough week for a lot of people…they deserve a break.

Class went well this morning, so thanks for all the prayers and support. Preaching the topic of “The Gospel” is always tricky, especially when you know a good portion of your audience is going to be visiting church for potentially the first time. There are so many words that are Christianese, and we bandy them about without a thought for those who don’t have that kind of jargon thrown at them weekly. I went with what I hope was a simple and effective approach: God created this incredible world, and wrote an amazing story, and its sole purpose is to bring us to Him for His glory. A little laughter, a few outdated references (really need to fix that), a Mumford and Sons video…good times. I hope I planted the seeds so that others may water them and bring fruit.

Breakfast–Speaking of fruit, the banana bread is now gone! I miss it already.

Lunch–Subway at the Gutowsky’s. Foot long turkey on wheat, with bacon, lettuce, peppers, jalapeños, cucumbers, red onion, and a side of Baked BBQ Lays. Good stuff.

Dinner–Homemade panko crusted chicken fingers with garlic mashed potatoes and green peas. Not in any way like my mom used to make it, but comfort food nonetheless. And Declan ate the chicken but not anything else, which is bizarre for a usually vegetarian baby. It’s almost like he’s about two or something…

Snack–A half cup of blackberries while watching Archer. 

Long week this week, as I’m going to be busy every single night. It’s going to be a test, but one I think I can pass. Thank you for the support so far, for reading this thing, and for asking me how I’m doing. I think I can already feel a difference, but the scale will tell me more in a couple of days.

Have a good one.


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