Day 4–Magic

One of the unfortunate things about parenting has to be the repetition of TV shows. I’m sure I did it to my parents (to the extent it was possible…VHS and whatnot made it a bit more complicated) and I know my friends with kids are all in the same boat. With the advent of Netflix, Hulu, DVRs, the interwebs, AppleTV, AmazonPrime, Roku, Sling, and everything else I forgot, pretty much any TV show imaginable is a click away. Or, in our case, a demanding toddler and a click away. Declan is a slave driver when it comes to his shows, which consist right now of Curious George, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and occasionally Sesame Street. Therefore, I know intimate details of these shows, like the fact that CG only has 6 episodes in Seasons 7 and 8 (WHY?!!) and that Wayne Allwine tragically passed away in 2009 so the voice of Mickey Mouse changes halfway through the show’s run. I am a compendium of useless knowledge.

One of the episodes Disney Jr. saw fit to include on their roster involves Goofy the Great. (In his first appearance, he’s a buffoon who can’t remember the phrase hocus pocus. In the second, he has literal magic dust and can make things fly and disappear. Practice makes perfect?) They explore magic, make rubber duckies disappear, and eventually share the magic with everyone so they can perform one last giant trick. It’s, um, magical.

But the best magic trick I saw tonight involved Dex. His imagination is going crazy right now, so after I took Dragon (his Wubbanub) from him and did a little sleight of hand, he returned the favor. For a solid three minutes, he alternated holding Bebo (his other Wubbanub that’s a Longhorn, so, you know, Bevo turned into Bebo) behind his back with a completely straight face, and then revealing him to Abby and I with a smile and a giggle. He knows the trick and he loves performing it. I wish we could all find joy in such simple things, and rediscover the magic in this life. And yes, I think Goofy, Mickey, and the gang are all excellent sources of that joy. Disney rules.

Breakfast–Another slice of banana bread. Abby apparently refuses to help me finish it off, so I’ve been chipping away at it all week. Zero complaints though…its so good.

Lunch–Leftover Lupe Tortilla meat and veggies, with a cup of rice and some marinated edamame, onion, and pepper on top. Really REALLY good stuff.

Dinner–WEEKLY SPLURGE ALERT. I used up my soda tonight. We went to PDQ after Abby got out of work, and I had the five tender meal with fries and a glorious Dr Pepper. Even with all that, I was still under for my calorie count today. Planning ahead is key…I knew I was having a soda tonight, so I kept it simple throughout the day. 

No exercise, beyond walking around World Market and wrestling and laughing with Dex all day. I love that boy!

Gospel tomorrow. Pray that God speaks through me to get His message across.

Have a good one.


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