Day 3–And, Exhale…

That was a weird week. Missed two days of school due to flooding, missed another half day yesterday due to Riley, and now I made it to the end and I can’t really remember anything other than yesterday morning. I mean, I know I did stuff, but the flooding feels like it was a month ago, not four days. I’m looking forward to some time to relax tomorrow, and maybe if we’re lucky Dex and I will rock the PJ Day theme and be as lazy as we can. That’s the dream, right?

Breakfast–Two slightly smaller than normal slices of banana bread. One of the old tricks is to take something and cut it thinly so that you think you’re eating more. And it works!

Lunch–Chick Fil A, or as it was today, the parking lot located in the Chick Fil A drive-thru. There are two lanes at my CFA, and I loathe the outer one. It’s the one that messes up orders, it’s slow, it’s harder to leave…it’s a mess. So what did I do today? Picked the outer one! Took fifteen minutes to get 7 cars through the line. Not super impressive. But the food was good…two grilled chicken sandwiches and a medium fry. Yes, it’s 1020 calories, but there’s so much protein it got me through the afternoon. Which is the ultimate goal yes?

Snack–Before I went home, I had a Kashi Cherry Chocolate Chip granola bar. Two things here: 1) They’re really good. And 2) Autocorrect really hates Kashi. It’s come out Kashiwa, Kasha, Kashima, and something else weird. Learn the word autocucumber…it’s coming a lot more frequently now.

Dinner–Kublai Khan with Abby and Dex. Brown rice, steak, and then potatoes/peppers/onions/broccoli/celery/pineapple/mushrooms/peanuts/teriyaki sauce. Winner winner.

After dinner we strolled down to Whole Foods for some berries and stuff for dinners this week and then walked back. I’ll count it as exercise because it’s better than driving the block down there, but honestly it wasn’t much. Declan liked the stairs though, so we had that going for us.

Off day tomorrow, and then I’m teaching the Gospel on Sunday. Should be interesting to see what comes out of my mouth there.

Have a good one!


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