Day 2–Riley Katherine

We’re having a girl!

Honestly, any other news is kind of secondary after that. I’m hopefully going to hold a beautiful baby girl in September, and I’m thrilled. Going to be a long five months.

In food news, today wasn’t bad. I was able to stick to the script, and even better, I logged it all. I have a love/hate relationship with My Fitness Pal. It used to be marvelous, then Under Armour bought them, and now it’s a mildly useful commercial. It’s also 50 bucks for the year to get all the “wonderful” premium options, which is kind of ridiculous. But the free version tracks food and exercise, so that works for me.

Breakfast–A slice of homemade chocolate chip banana bread and a cherry pie Larabar. Filled me up through the doctor’s appointment, which was obviously a marvelous distraction from hunger. And the weather. And pretty much everything else. Baby girl Riley!!!!

Lunch–We had a celebration lunch at Lupe Tortilla. I got the veggie fajitas and an ice tea. I think the lime-pepper marinade at Lupe would be good on pretty much anything, but the chicken/beef/portobell0/bell peppers at Lupe are out of this world. High fiber, with a good dollop of guacamole, and of course beautiful company.

Snack–I found these bars by Curate. Chocolate hazelnut. Fiber and chocolatey and satiating.

Dinner–Return of the wafflewich. Abby had yoga and I was too lazy to cook anything while wrangling Declan so I went with the easy approach. Also had another slice of the banana bread.

Exercise–A walk with my little man. We just went around the block, but he held my hand the entire time, so it felt like the best walk ever. I think it was around 25 minutes? Who cares. He’s the best.

So all in all, my sugar count was a little high today, but I stayed under my calorie goal, especially with the brief walk. Tomorrow is another day and another step.

Have a good one.


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