Your Parents Were Right

It was true then and its true now…and look where I landed!

Internal Ignition

My entire life, and especially during my childhood, I was told that I could do and be whatever I want, if I set my mind to it.  No task, goal, job, or whatever I could think up was out of my reach.  I believed this with a passion, thinking that “if I set my mind to it” was a magical key to success; a switch I could turn on and off on a whim if I really wanted something.  Sometimes it completely blew up in my face (see: Academics, College) and sometimes it was wildly successful (working at Trek, marrying Abby).  It’s funny though…after getting married I’ve tried for so many things that just haven’t worked at all, whether it be jobs or papers for classes or even trying to lose weight, that I’m very tempted to doubt what my parents said–I’m not special, I can’t do what I set…

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