New Year, New Life

My apologies for the gap in posting. We went a week or so without internet thanks to Comcast, but we’re back online thanks to AT&T.  The lesson? If you have Comcast, you are wrong.

Lots of goodness has happened since my last post:

We moved into our new house, we’ve unpacked almost everything, and we bought new furniture for our bedroom that hasn’t arrived yet.  So 90% of the house looks great…the bedroom looks like two college freshmen decided to spend money on pizza instead of furniture.  It’s still fantastic to even think about “going home” after running errands or going to school or hanging out with our friends and know that it means an actual home.

One week of school is in the books, and just as I expected…physics is no bueno.  I heart chemistry, but physics still confounds me just as much as it did in high school. And in college. And on the MCAT.  My hope is that, through teaching it, I’ll learn it better. Having superb kids also helps. I actually missed them over the winter break, which either makes me a sappy teacher or someone who needs more friends.

At church, I was given the glorious go-ahead to schedule a trip to Salida this summer! I’m going home!  The response has been amazing, with a lot of kids excited about joining us. It also means that I have to get in shape.  Not just lose weight, but regain endurance and build muscle.  I was looking at some old guiding pictures and saw the muscle definition in my legs. If that was high definition, my legs now are the old 1950’s television that only got three channels unless the wind blew or someone sneezed.

To that end, we’ve revamped our diet.  Thanks to an amazing website called Greenling, we now have monthly deliveries of local, organic produce directly to our door.  I got a grill for Christmas, so I’m able to make some dishes without adding any fat and impart flavor without resorting to sugary sauces.  I’ve been working on getting quality proteins and some high protein/high fiber grains into our diets, and I’ve stopped drinking soda until at least my birthday.  Conveniently, my birthday is 50 days from the new year, which makes for easy counting and goal-making. This is all good stuff…I just need to keep it up!

The last time I went on Trek I was out of shape, overweight, and a drag on the group. (Those of you on the trip with me are slowly nodding…I don’t blame you.)  This time I want to be invisible…let the kids lead, don’t be the slowest, and just enjoy myself. To help motivate myself to get in shape, Abby and I signed up for my first 5K in February.  If you’ve ever read this before, you know I hate running with a passion.  This just proves how much I want to succeed in Trek…I’m willing to run so I can hike without problems.

So that’s where we are.  New house, new semester, new diet, and new youth group activity.  Feeling good about this new year.

Have a good one.


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