Day 1066–The Conqueror

Turns out I actually enjoy writing.  I’ve missed this blog, and I’ve thought about coming back to it multiple times. I just…didn’t. Or probably more accurately, I felt like I couldn’t.  Embarrassment is a strong emotion, especially when butting up against a very strong sense of pride.

The common idiom is “falling off the wagon.”  I haven’t fallen off so much as plummeted, only to be caught by the plush cushion that has surrounded my body in the interim.  Since the last time I’ve written, there are a few important things that have transpired, many of which have contributed to my largesse. We bought a house (and are slowly moving into it), I’ve started a new job at an incredible school (teaching science…that’s been special), and Abby has made tremendous leaps in her job (which has led to her somehow working more and less at the same time).  Those are merely excuses; not writing and not taking care of myself is inexcusable.

This will be the last “Day” entry on this blog. Keeping track of days and food and whatnot is tedious and utterly unsustainable.  Writing about God and school and life and, yes, occasionally about cooking/baking/consuming is.  So hopefully I’ll write what I want, when I want, and you all will be blessed by what God puts in my heart and types through my fingers.  For I have conquered my pride, overcome my embarrassment, and Lord willing I’m back.

Bonus points if you get the reference in my title…I’m not only heavier than when we last spoke, but getting back in the classroom has caused my nerd-quotient to go through the roof.

Have a good one.


One thought on “Day 1066–The Conqueror

  1. I have no nerd qualities so I googled it, and now I get it. I am looking forward to reading your blog and rudely very glad it’s not going to be all sports.

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