Day 839–A Tale of Two Noahs

My day was wildly uneventful.

I got up, started finishing off another batch of Dolce Bars, realized I was out of chocolate, and therefore went to HEB to pick up some more, along with another bag of flour since I’ve used most of mine on my starter.

When I got there, it was kind of cloudy. I thought to myself, “It’s going to rain. But I won’t be in here long enough for it to matter, so I’ll park out in the boonies like I usually do.”  And you know what? I was right. There was a light sprinkling coming down when I left and that was about it.  Little did I know that about two hours later it was going to start raining in earnest. And NEVER STOP.  It’s literally been raining, with some hail/lightning/thunder mixed in for good measure, for the last eight hours. The bayou out back is completely flooded (Noah #1), as are the roads. We were going to try to have dinner with the Gutowsky’s tonight, but the flooding meant it took Kim over two and a half hours to make it the last 15 minutes home.  But she’s safe, and that’s awesome.

Since I was basically stuck inside all afternoon, I was flipping back and forth between the Rangers (boooo…) and the Draft (Cowboys…booooo…) and trying to not fall asleep.  Then Cole texted me and told me I needed to be watching the Bulls/Nets game.  Now, Cole doesn’t really like basketball. So for him to endorse a game, its gotta be a doozy.  HOLY CRAP PEOPLE. It had three overtimes, a double-digit comeback, Nate Robinson deciding he was tired of missing shots (so he stopped), people fouling out, buzzer beaters, amazing team play, great defense, terrible defense…it was nothing short of an instant classic. The best part for me was watching Joakim Noah (Noah #2) running up and down the court, gutting out a double-double, all with plantar fasciitis. If you don’t know what PF is, consider yourself lucky. The tamed version is that there’s a muscle sheath of sorts in your foot holding all the tendons/muscles in place.  Sometimes it gets inflamed. Sometimes it gets inflamed and slightly tears. At that point, your walking is severely impaired, much less running. So Noah was literally taking one step, then twisting his shoulders and throwing his other leg forward so that he could move up and down the court. I’ve had PF. It SUCKS. That dude is irritating, but he played a gritty, impressive role for the Bulls in that game, and they don’t win without him.  Well done sir.

Breakfast–Another banana and chocolate peanut butter. Creature of habit.

Lunch–Wendy’s, before the deluge. Spicy chicken sandwich, lettuce only, and a medium fry. Moderation?

Snack–Another banana and chocolate peanut butter. Yep.

Dinner–Lupe Tortilla with Abby.  Had the mixed fajitas, and they were delicious as always. Would have been even better with the Gutowsky’s though!

Church tomorrow, but no basketball. Sad day.

Have a good one.


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