Day 838–What the What?

Abby didn’t like the dinner or dessert I made tonight. Since I’ve apparently lost my one source of usefulness, this doesn’t bode well. But I’ll cover all that down below.

In other news, Jerry Jones is still a moron.  He might be (obviously is) a very good businessman, but he has no clue how to construct a football team.  The draft hurt my head and my pride as a Cowboys fan.  I think this might be the year I become a Broncos fan full-time. Ugh.

Breakfast–A banana with some dark chocolate peanut butter. We got these snazzy little single-serving packets of PB at World Market…they’re obviously hella expensive (they were on sale when I bought them, no worries) but they sure do make good breakfasts.

Lunch–Another omelet, this time with three eggs, and then the last of my leftover taco meat.  We had a good run, you and I. I’ll miss you dearly.  I also had some Way Better snacks chips.

Dinner–I handmade chicken pot pie people. HANDMADE. And I’ll even claim it was all from scratch, even though the pie dough I attempted was a bit of a debacle given the warmth in our apartment and that I didn’t have any chilled shortening.  Alton Brown has this great trick where he keeps his shortening in a bowl of ice water to keep it cold before use, and I remembered that little trick as I was scraping pie goo out of my food processor.  Next time I’ll do better.  But I browned/roasted some chicken thighs, added my mirepoix, made my own gravy (from a roux!) and then covered it all in puff pastry I always keep on hand.  It looked good, it smelled good, it tasted phenomenal…and Abby didn’t like it. At all.  So I ate like half the dang dish by myself. Booooooooo.

Dessert–I made raspberry-lime meringue tartlets to take to the gathering of the thugs on Thursday, and Abby was “So full, she couldn’t eat one, but she was SOOOO excited to try one on Friday…” and then she took a bite and wasted the rest of it.  Said the (amazing, store-bought) key lime curd tasted funny.  IT TASTED LIKE AWESOME TASTES LIKE. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So there you go.  More dolce bars tomorrow.

Someone buy some desserts from me. Don’t use Abby as a reference. She’s weird.

Have a good one.


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