Day 835–Rustic Living

I’m in love with the farm-to-table concept.

I think this is potentially bad news, especially since the air quality in Houston seems to kill plants before they have a chance to live (They’re just children! WHYYYYYY?) if the funky blackened spots on my basil seem to be any indicator).  Yes, that’s right…my basil is turning black, my cilantro is turning yellow, and my jalapeno is actually doing just fine.  Granted, when planting the cilantro it suffered a three-story fall off of a poorly constructed hanging system (totally my fault) but still…yellow? Ugh.

Anyways, when coming back from Abilene a couple of months ago I had a chance to talk to Grant Willis, our resident FFA genius.  He was talking about hydroponics/aquaponics (a dream of mine…) and farming and raising animals and basically being completely self-sufficient. It was fascinating and made me incredibly jealous.  Therefore…here’s my summer project.

If I can help it, I don’t want to buy any groceries that I can make.

There are going to be exceptions to this, obviously.  I’m buying dried pasta, because its easy and cheap enough to offset the amount of flour/eggs it would take to make it all.  I bought raspberry curd today, because, well…who the heck wants to make raspberry curd?

But if I want ice cream, I’m going to make it.  It’ll taste better, and the effort I’ll have to go through means I have to REALLY WANT ICE CREAM.  I’m making my own tomato sauce now, because its freaking incredible.  And I want to start making my own bread…which so far has been kind of weird.  Sourdough starters are strange beasts.  In a week I’ll either have bread or “world’s greatest ticky-tack/starting point for the zombie apocalypse.”  I’ll keep you all posted.

Breakfast–Ironically, white chocolate raspberry scones. From a bag mix.  In my defense, I made this decision after breakfast. They were really REALLY good though.

Exercise–Quick two mile walk around the lake because Abby had boot camp tonight and we didn’t want to make it worse than it was already going to be.

Lunch–Genghis Grill.  We were going to get fish, but the stupid place didn’t open until 4. Who does that?  I had my usual bowl, only with chicken instead of shrimp. Nice change up…I enjoyed a lunch date with Abby very much.

Dinner–A smoothie!  Abby’s idea.  Two cups of cherries, a cup of pineapple, a cup of strawberries, and cherry yogurt.  Amazingness.

Snack–I finished off the proscuitto alongside a handful of dates.  It was gooooood, and added a nice salty element the smoothie obviously lacked.

Cooking dinner tomorrow and hopefully getting word on degree/job stuff.

Have a good one.


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