Day 834–Out on the Town

My one goal for today was to keep the mojo from the weekend going.  I’d say I succeeded.

My first stop was to World Market, on the recommendation of Casey Toy. BOO CASEY TOY.  Apparently there’s a reason I’ve never been in that place before…I would never want to leave.  I described it to Abby as a mini-mart version of Pier 1, Whole Foods, and Sur la Table all rolled into one.  There was good food and fun cooking tools and wicker baskets. Which is why Abby will never be allowed to go there. Abby has a weird weakness for wicker baskets and putting things in organizational containers.  I think she might have containers for her containers.  It makes me uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, got some wicked awesome scones and a mesh strainer.  It’s the simple things that make me happy.

Next stop was lunch. So I’ll talk about that later.

After that I got my hair did.  It’s amazing how, even with my lovely hairline that’s running away faster than I ever could and male pattern baldness getting all up in my business, I can still be shaggy as heck in just a short time.  I look better now. Which isn’t saying a ton.

Pretty solid day in Katy I must admit.  And tomorrow is Abby’s day off, so it’ll be even better!

Breakfast–Last piece of blueberry buckle. I’ll miss you, mediocre blueberries.

Lunch–Mission Burrito.  I’ve heard good things about it…and it was decidedly “Meh.”  Chipotle is still the best.  And Freebirds is still a solid second. And Qdoba and Mission and all the other knockoffs not named Sharky’s are decidedly third.  I had a beef fajita bowl with cilantro-lime rice and veggies and corn and cilantro and lettuce and what I think was the tomatillo salsa.  I’m sorry I cheated on you Chipotle.

Dinner–Pasta! Whole wheat penne with roasted broccoli, chicken-apple sausage, caramelized onions, homemade tomato sauce, and basil FROM OUR BALCONY.  Boom.

Dessert–Creme Brulee.  Figured it was time to finish it.

Have a good one.


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